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How Camera Stores Can Create an Impressive Showroom

Feb 17, 2023

Showrooms serve as more than just a venue for retailers to highlight their featured products. Customers must be impressed by the showroom setup and feel confident that the store provides only the best in terms of both products and services.

These showrooms can be found in camera stores. The majority of the time, camera store showrooms are set up with enclosed glass shelves displaying their best-recommended cameras.

So, being a camera store owner, do you know how can you design a unique showroom that would impress your customers?

If not, then we can help you. Read this article that will explain some effective ways by which you can impress your customers with your impressive in-store displaySo, let’s see!


Way 1: Print out and display photos

The first way to make a good showroom is to show printed photos. Un-retouched images can demonstrate to potential customers what they might face if they choose to buy a specific item. Moreover, to showcase the range of distances that various zoom lenses can cover, photo prints may be useful.


Way 2: Choose a theme that corresponds to the store's branding

Making a themed showroom can improve the atmosphere of a camera retail store, but a showroom with a theme related to the brand will appeal to customers and have a consistent beauty with the rest of the store. For example, a sci-fi theme would fit better with the interior design of the camera store if its visual branding is post-modern. So always choose a theme that is related to your store's brand recognition if you want to impress customers looking for cameras.


Customers are visiting a showroom

Way 3: Implement e-paper labels

E-paper shelf labels are a suitable replacement for conventional paper shelf labels. They have e-paper screens with fully graphical text and image displays that can be adjusted to match the store's branding.

Now the question is which e-labels would be best for you?

If you want to layout a showroom that can attract your customers looking for cameras, use our Electronic Shelf Labels.

Why so? Because if you implement ESLs in your stores, they will be directly connected to your store's ERP and POS devices, which will lower the labor costs associated with price management, increase pricing accuracy, and support dynamic pricing.

Still not convinced? Then, scroll down and have a look at its amazing benefits!


  • If you apply ESLs in your camera retail stores, then you can show information such as more product details, reviews of products, place of origin, and so on.

  • It is wasteful to print a new label each time you change the price or to throw away an old one. In this case, electronic labels are very useful as they eliminate the need for repeated purchases of the tags.

  • The ESL system has high security and requires little upkeep, even when it is connected to an unoccupied WiFi network.


These are the 3 different ways to make a showroom attractive. So, without a second thought, start using Electronic Shelf Labels into your camera stores and create your standout product display.