Full-Scenario ESL Solution Provider

We Are Beyond The Ordinary
The Leader in Internet of Things (IoT)

Located in the innovative city of Shenzhen, China, Minewtag is a globally leading supplier in providing professional and superior products and solutions in IoT since 2007. 

Working for over a decade, we always help to build a more convenient and cost-effective life for the world, interneting every object for our customers.

We Are Beyond The Ordinary
We Continuously Innovate and Stick to High Quality
The Innovator in Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs)

We continuously innovates in ESLs for years, exploring the lower energy consumption and more diverse of ESLs to offer them in more and more countries and regions.

Our ESLs assist in effectively processing information in a centralized and accurate way, cutting cost while boosting margins. We provide high-class products and solutions in healthcare, warehouse, office, retail and other consumption sectors. 

We Continuously Innovate and Stick to High Quality
The Most Cutting-edge IoT Technologies
The Researcher in Technology

We research and develop in the Bluetooth Low Energy consumption technology and the Cloud platform, providing technical basis for tags, making our tags have more probabilities. 

Giving our customers multiple choices as different versions of ESLs, key technologies and services, and customized solutions, we are glad to serving our customers with selectable and various solutions. 

The Most Cutting-edge IoT Technologies
Company History
    • Received IC , US patent, KC and more certifications.

    • Won the title of best employer

    • Expanded our factory to a whole building

    • Introduced the world-class ASM machine

    • Total more than 150 patents

    • Awarded the most valuable investment enterprise

    • Honored as the excellent IoT location enterprise

    • ESL Smart Retail Solution named as the best IoT solution

    • MTag named as the most popular electronic shelf label, gaining the IOTE 2019 Golden Prize and OFweek 2019 Prize as the innovated products in IoT

    • Minew Labor Union Founded 

    • MTag won the 2018 China IoT Technology Innovation Award

    • Various products passed CE, FCC certification

    • Listed on NEEQ

    • Awarded the title of "sales champion" and "quality supplier"

    • Cumulative shipments of IoT products exceeded 12 million units

    Won the title of "National High-tech Industry"

    Obtained 104 patents, including multiple Beacon product copyrights and related patents.

    Certified by ISO9001

    Entered IoT

    1st Factory Set up


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Address: Building I, Gangzhilong Science Park, Qinglong Road, Longhua District, Shenzhen 518109, China
Email:[email protected]  
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