Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ
We are a retail chain, can I manage all my stores in one head office?

Yes, our Smart Retail IoT Cloud Platform not only support single store management but also has a centralized management option.  

We do not know how to use it. Could you provide us with some manuals?

Definitely and our technical support team will help you if you meet any difficulties. Also, we will send you a tutorial video to ensure that you can run it smoothly. You can check our public YouTube channel to have a basic knowledge.

Can your solution software integrate with our existing systems?

Yes, our Smart Retail IoT Cloud Platform can integrate with all POS or ERP systems. We provide API and technical support for your needs. Integration with existing systems is extremely important to make the solution work efficiently and be easy to use.

Can I apply MTags in the wet area or freezer?

Yes, some models of our ESLs are IP67-level waterproof, and they can be used under wet conditions. And we have specific models that are designed for low-temperature applications.  For example, they can work for the cold chain and freezer in the supermarket. To get more details and know about what models meet those requirements, please contact us at and our sales representatives will support you.

How are MTags powered?

The MTag labels run on a CR2450 battery-powered base.

How to deploy ESL Cloud Platform?

It can be deployed by Docker, which can run on Windows/Linux/macOS. Linux system is recommended. (Note: If on Windows, you need to use a virtual machine to install Docker.)

Is the Application Program Interface (API) of the ESL Cloud Platform a REST API based on JSON data stream?

It is based on JSON data stream. Due to the actual project situation, it does not fully comply with the REST API specification.

Can you provide an SDK to use your ESL Cloud Platform?

Sorry, our ESL Cloud Platform temporarily does not provide SDK. 

Can the contents of ESL be updated without the Cloud Platform? Does the solo version ESLs also need to be updated through the Cloud platform?

The answer is "no". The ESL must work with the Cloud Platform. 

Can the contents of ESL be typeset vertically?

On our cloud platform, you can choose the formatting freely. Currently, the background layout is horizontal by default, but if you want to do a vertical layout, you can create a template and fill it with content, or create an image.

Can your electronic shelf labels display more colors than the basic 3 colors?

Yes, our RS series ESLs support 7-color E-paper displays including Black/White/Red/Yellow/Blue/Green/Orange. RS075 is a 7.3-inch large-screen ESL; RS075-V is a V-shaped double-screen ESL. 

Function Description FAQ
How to realize the Near-field Communication (NFC) function provided by electronic shelf labels (ESLs)?

The hardware of ESLs reserves NFC circuit, which can be pasted with NFC coil, and functions of NFC wake-up and simple data transmission can be realized as required. The label is in passive mode and cannot perform active reading.

Related instructions of template function on the ESL Cloud Platform.

1)The template does not currently support Aztec 2D Barcode.

2)The template does not have the automatic adjustment function for now. A compromise method is temporarily adopted to text layout.

The description of Cloud platform refreshing speed.

According to the current measured data, in a relatively open environment, a gateway refreshes 100 2.13-inch labels, and the average refresh time for each label is within 1.5 seconds. It should be noted that the larger the label size, the longer the time to refresh the image.

How many price tags can be managed by a gateway?

The indoor management range of the gateway is about 15-20 meters; it is recommended that use one gateway to manage 1000 price tags.

Network connection FAQ
No WIFI around the gateway, how to work out the network problem of the gateway through 4G network?

You can buy an industrial 4G router. The 4G router has an Ethernet port to transmit WIFI. The network problem can be solved if the gateway accesses to the Ethernet port of the 4G router or connect in the WIFI sent by the router.

External Access FAQ
Is my own gateway compatible with your ESL?

Your own gateway is not compatible with our ESL. We have developed a relatively complex private Bluetooth communication protocol for ESL image refresh, upgrade and other operations.

If I already have my own gateways and cloud platforms, can your ESL Solo version be directly connected to my system?

The communication between the ESL and the server is encrypted. The APP applied in the solo version also needs to be interacted with the server. The APP gets data (such as image data) from the server, and then directly interacts with the label. Thus, our ESL Solo version cannot directly access to your system.

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