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The Ultimate Guide to ESL Solutions: Why MinewTag Is the Best Provider

Feb 17, 2023

The electronic shelf labelling (ESL) system allows retailers to display product pricing on the shelf with the help of electronic shelf labels. To maintain the accuracy of the product pricing, a central server automatically updates the price of the products every time a price is changed. Generally, electronic display modules are attached to the front edge of retail shelving to display products.


Now that you have an idea of what is an electronic shelf label. Do you want to learn why we should opt for esl solutions? Then keep reading.



Electronic Shelf Labels: Why Should Retailers Use Them?


Rather than traditional paper labels, a digital label serves as innovative digital signage to engage customers. It is no secret that the retail landscape is constantly changing. Therefore, in order to keep customers from looking elsewhere, retail stores need to be consistently creative. Utilizing digital labels is one example. Additionally, digital labels can be an excellent branding tool and serve as innovative digital signage that resonates more with customers than traditional paper labels.  Electronic shelf labelling will enhance customer service in your store because you will be able to demonstrate responsiveness and commitment to the customer. Additionally, it will help turn your store into a modern and unique retail outlet.


Would you like to know which is the best ESL Solutions Provider? Then we recommend you to opt for MinewTags. Over the years, MinewTag has developed more features and improved the quality of ESL to make business operations more efficient. Their innovative ESL solutions provide you with the best possible experience. As one of the best-in-class ESL manufacturers, they can bring the following benefits to your retail store.


Benefits of ESL by MinewTag

1. Operational flexibility and ease of use

Compared to traditional printing, MinewTag ESLs are more cost-effective for price adjustments. It can update a thousand tags in five minutes, ten times faster than other ESLs. In addition to saving time and labour, your staff will not have to update prices now and then.


2. Long-term visibility enhanced

The ESL provider, MinewTag, offers a brilliant design that is sleek and straightforward, giving your classroom a premium and modern appearance. Its e-ink displays clear fonts and colours to welcome approaching customers, redefining an ESL's capabilities by bringing product details to life.


3. Content management that is convenient and unified

A seamless, unified management system backs MinewTag Labels. As a result, your staff can easily view and update price details from any location by implementing the software.


4. An informed shopping experience

With digital price tags in your store, it's not just about displaying prices. With MinewTag labels, customers have access to a range of information. Such as providing additional product details, which will encourage your customers to shop more.


5. Brand alignment for retail

The real beauty of MinewTag is its customization. The customizable design adds a modern touch to the aisles of your store and incorporates your company's colors, patterns, and logo.



MinewTag Labels not only improve business operations but also improve customer experience. With just a few clicks, you can update our electronic shelf labels. Contact us for more information on why you should switch to electronic shelf labels.