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What Are Electronic Shelf Labels? Why Should You Use it for Your Business?

Dec 16, 2022

Digitization is a term that is frequently used in the retail sector all over the world. But with every innovation that is introduced, this trend has repeatedly shown to be extremely advantageous, so it is here to stay electronic shelf labels are one such device that many retailers have begun integrating into their stores. These digital tags appear to serve a variety of purposes and are gradually becoming more widespread in companies of all sizes. Go through this article to know more about electronic shelf labels and what benefit they provide to shelf life.



Smart shelf management

What is an Electronic shelf label?

Electronic shelf labels are wireless digital systems used by retail establishments to display product prices. ESLs are frequently affixed to the front edge of retail shelving.


What is the Use of Electronic Shelf Labels?

Electronic shelf labels have now been adopted by all retail stores. Over the years, the retail sector has embraced automation and it is advantageous for retailers. By enabling retailers to implement dynamic pricing strategies and do away with manual tasks, the use of digital shelf labels has decreased labor costs.


Why should you Use it for your Business?

You must use electronic shelf labels for your store’s operations as ESLs provide many benefits to your product shelf life. And the benefits are as follows:


  • Activate Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing is one of the top benefits offered by ESLs to product shelf life. Dynamic pricing means the capacity to set adaptable prices following current market demands. 


Dynamic pricing allows your business to stay current with industry developments and competitor pricing, boosting sales during periods of sluggish product movement. 


  • Reduce Total Expenses

Retailers mostly use electronic shelf labels because digitization allows them to manage their resources more effectively and save money. ESLs also eliminate the need for them to continually pay to have paper labels, and other signage printed, which can be a very expensive, time-consuming, and wasteful process. The ESL screen can simply be updated with new information from a centralized server in its place.



ESL helps control the inventory of goods

  • Better Control of the Inventory

Staff can restock items more effectively by using the same instantly flashing lights that direct order pickers to specific products. They only need to scan an item with their PDA (personal digital assistant), and the corresponding label will flash to indicate where to place it.


Electronic shelf labels can aid in shelf life inventory management by notifying staff of out-of-stock products and making data like the amount of stock that should be in the store, past and future delivery dates and quantities, etc. easily accessible.


  • Stop Food Waste

By utilizing ESLs’ shelf-life management capabilities to their fullest potential, less bad food is thrown out every day, which benefits the environment and builds a positive corporate reputation. In this way, ESLs manage the shelf life of food.



These are the benefits of electronic shelf labels to shelf life. So, manage your shelf lifetime with ESLs now!