We Modernize Your Warehouse Operations

What's Different?
What's Different?

Prolong Cargo Search Time

Manually Audit Changes

Low Work Efficiency

What's Different?

Reduce Search Time Considerably

Remotely Manage Any Shelf-Edge

Shorten Operating Circle

What is the value?
Cargo Status
Operating Cycle
Temperature & Humidity

Minewtag' s Smart Warehouse Solution automates all materials & supplies, and operations in the warehouse, depending on our smart Tags and Cloud Platform. The solution embodies our resolve to improve labor efficiency, increase warehouse storage density. Our platform helps warehouses realize information management and visualization management.

How It Works?
How It Works?
  • Save manpowerYou can replace all electronic label information via the cloud platform in one click without printing or pasting the information, which saves manpower and resources.

  • Real-time information updates, timely communicationThe intelligent cloud platform can be connected with the retail system through the API interface, and the display information of electronic labels can be updated in the background in real-time with high efficiency and high speed.

  • High-accuracy. Electronic tag refresh rate can reach 99%, avoiding information refresh error effectively.

  • Unified template, highly standardized. The e-label display template can be preset in the background of the cloud platform to unify the display effect of all e-labels.

  • Long service life, energy-saving, and environmental protection. The service life of electronic labels is up to five years, and the battery can be replaced to avoid the waste caused by the frequent replacement of paper labels.

Contact us to design your exclusive solution with MinewTag
Contact us to design your exclusive solution with MinewTag
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