Positioning Technology
Positioning Technology

The positioning technology is realized by Minewtag's self-developed Beacon working with digital tags.

It can be used to list the location of various materials in the Cloud platform, facilitating the efficient extraction and addition of materials. 

Based on BLE technology, Minewtag's Beacon is cost-effectively and power-conscious for enterprises.

Navigation Technology
Navigation Technology

In the malls, customers can scan the bar code on our tags to obtain the route map of the mall. 

It is convenient to navigate to the destination and improve the shopping experience for customers with our solutions.

Monitoring & Tracking Technology
Monitoring & Tracking Technology

Minewtag's electronic shelf labels can assist clients in realizing environmental monitoring, which depends on our excellent sensing technology. Real-time monitoring of the temperature and humidity of the environment produces the consequences of reasonably controlling temperature and humidity and cutting down material loss. 

Minewtag's monitoring technology also fulfills the monitoring of personnel flowCustomers can provide their shopping routes by using their mobile phones to scan the QR code for authorization in shopping malls. The authorized tracking data will be analyzed to optimize marketing. 

The monitoring technology is also applied to other scenarios, such as the transportation of materials in logisticsThe real-time monitoring ensures the safety of material transportation and further standardizes the transportation process.

Cloud Platform
Cloud Platform

Minewtag's ESL Cloud Platform includes the Minewtag system and ESL solo version system

In the Minewtag system, the gateway receives and collects the information and data transmitted from the tag
and broadcasts it to the cloud platform; Then, the staff processes the received data through the computer,

and presents the information on the tag screen by using electronic ink technology,

and triggers the next operation according to customized demands.

In the solo version system, the tag can communicate with mobile phones directly.
You can operate the tag information through our app and cloud platform.
The transmitting and receiving processes are no longer limited to the location of the gateway.
Add your tag, and you can operate the tag information on your phone.
Minewtag's tag achieves flash updates beyond the limitations of space and time.