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Fast Facts About MinewTag 3-Color & 7-Color

Feb 24, 2023

The importance of color for packaging is not a surprise. However, it may be more crucial than you believe. Your brand's personality can be communicated to buyers through the right use of color e ink display label. Additionally, 90 percent of consumers make snap judgments about products based solely on their display color. For that important first impression, it's imperative that your colour e ink display labels look great before people read any of the words.


You may not achieve the impact you want without your perfect color scheme and the right printing process. The technology and range of inks that some printers use may not be able to recreate the colors that you desire.  The good news is that our 7-color e-ink screen labels allow you to avoid many problems without paying extra for spot colors. Let us look at the evolution of e ink kaleido labels.



7-color E-paper labels in retail stores

Evolution of the Color Epaper Digtal Shelf Labels

This new style of colour e ink display pricing came about in the early 1990s. It was an invention of the Swedish Retail Market. However, the original ESLs used a liquid crystal display similar to a calculator. The characters they could display were limited, so they were mainly used for showing prices. However, the technology evolved to use electronic paper or digital shelf labels. A modern electronic shelf label uses only an e-paper display and radio communication.


In addition to displaying the price, they are capable of displaying a whole lot more. Moreover, they integrate with other modern retail devices - digital signs, foot traffic counters, camera surveillance, etc. - providing valuable insights into your store's performance.


Hopefully now you have a full understanding of color e-ink display labels! Check out these amazing features of e paper color labels from MinewTags!



7-color double-sided electronic table card

4 Facts About MinewTag 3-Color & 7-Color

1. Various colors

MinewTag 3-Color Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) display three colors: Black, White, and Red. Alternatively, the MinewTag 7-color e-paper display seven colors, including Black, White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, and Orange, for a more vivid experience.  


2. Aspects of physical appearance

Aside from the usual features in MinewTag ESLs, the 3-Color and 7-Color tags have a fully graphic, kaleido e ink seven-page e-paper display with high resolution for clearer text and images.


3. Efficacy 

MinewTag's 3-Color and 7-Color ESLs have the durability to handle obstacles digital labels might encounter on a daily basis. They are waterproof up to a certain limit, shockproof, and dustproof. They can operate in temperatures between 0-40° C or 32-104° F, making them suitable for both heat and cold conditions. Additionally, their battery life is good for years, better than other ESLs on the market.


4. Other Features

There are dimensions sizes available for the MinewTag 7-Color Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) - 182.5*128.9*16.3 mm. While it has an active display area of size of 159.69*95.6mm. For more information about our 3 color kaleido e ink product you can visit our website.



3-color electronic table card


Don't settle for boring colors that don't fit your brand. With our 3 color and 7-color processes and state-of-the-art digital printing technology, we can help you create colorful e-ink labels that are just right for your products. Get in touch with one of our experts today to discuss your next label project.