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Advantages of MinewTag's Operating Temperature Capacity

Mar 03, 2023

Are you aware that some electrical gadgets can no longer perform correctly after extended exposure to extremely cold or hot environments?


But not in the case of MinewTags electronic shelf labels. Do you know why?


This is because a MinewTag has an operating temperature range of 0 to 40° Celsius (32 to 104° Fahrenheit), allowing it to perform in regions slightly above and below room temperature. However, it also offers freezer versions in 2.2", 2.6", and 2.9" capacities. These freezer types are intended to function in temperatures as low as -25° Celsius (-13° Fahrenheit). Therefore, this makes the Minewtag labels particularly useful in various retail settings.


Although we have listed some benefits of MinewTags operating temperature capacity below in this article.



3 Advantages of MinewTags Operating Temperature Capacity

1. Beneficial in Deli and Bakery Display Cases

These labels are equally effective in warmer situations as they are in chilly ones. This makes them ideal in bakery display cases, especially when the inside is extremely warm owing to the heat from the newly cooked pastries and bread which just came out of the oven. The increased heat would not harm the ESL because it can run at a maximum operating temperature of 40° Celsius (104° Fahrenheit).


Well, these labels are also beneficial in delis and bakery stores that have chilly display cases to keep deli meats and cakes fresh.


2. Beneficial for Shop Display Fridges

Convenience store operators may hesitate to purchase digital labels because they believe the labels cannot be used inside their display refrigerators (commercial refrigerators) due to the chilly temperature breaking the electronic component.


Nonetheless, Minew labels can function in temperatures as low as -25° Celsius (-13° Fahrenheit), allowing them to be mounted on commercial refrigerator shelves. This benefit enables convenience shop operators to change the pricing of their cold snacks and beverages in real time, providing their consumers with accurate and up-to-date product information. 


3. Also Assist in Supermarket Meat Sections

MinewTag ESLs may also be used in even colder environments than convenience shop display refrigerators: they can survive the cold of a supermarket's meat area.


The meat areas for hog, cattle, lamb, chevon, poultry, and shellfish are constantly refrigerated to keep the items fresh. It would certainly be awkward and risky for hypermarkets and supermarkets to reduce the temperature of the meat area only to satisfy ESL. And it is for this reason that these labels are designed to endure the frigid temperatures of the meat area.


Moreover, these digital labels will work fine in an extremely chilly and foggy meat department. Despite being surrounded by ice and frozen items, the labels function flawlessly.


So lastly, we would say you can trust our Minewtag's operating temperature capacity whether you require an electronic shelf label for your retail outlet, supermarket, bakery, or deli shop. Furthermore, linking your electronic shelf labels to the raspberry pi operating temperature might be peak efficiency since this processor is designed to tolerate temperatures ranging from -40°C to 85°C.