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How Can Electronic Shelf Labels Transform Clothing Store?

Oct 10, 2022

Automatic updates and real-time inventory updates made possible by electronic shelf labels allow fashion retailers to free up storage space more efficiently and refill popular items. As a result, ESL's customer service is elevated to a new level. In the same way that paper labels are attached to shoes, bags, and other accessories, electronic shelf labels do the same. E-paper technology, on the other hand, boosts the quality of your product displays and makes the customer experience more convenient. By pushing the tag's button, employees may instantly adjust a bag's price across all platforms.

Digital pricing tags are entirely graphical. They have access to enough information to interact with clients before they call for help from personnel. Customer engagement is also boosted when they are presented with the brand's emblem and photos of its products, as well as app icons and loyalty program symbols. 

It's still possible to shop in person, and younger customers are more inclined than older ones to return if they had a good experience the first time around. Managers of clothing stores must guarantee that clients like shopping in both a physical and online setting since the welcoming and participatory environment customers experience cannot be recreated online. Electronic shelf labels can help transform traditional clothing stores to attract younger customers.


Clothing stores

To Enhance Their Retail Operations:

Several aspects of a clothing store's operations can be made more efficient and effective by switching from traditional paper labels to an ESL system. Shelf labels with electronic price adjustments, promotions, and stock levels make maximizing space in the actual store easier. Restocking different things and creating a space for new releases are simple tasks for employees.

To Make Price Management More Efficiently Across Channels:

There are many price transparency issues as more apparel businesses include internet shopping in their business model. The more platforms you manage, the more data you have to keep track of and preserve. However, using electronic shelf labels ensures that prices across the store omnichannel remain consistent, especially during sales and other promotional events. In the event of a change to a product on the store's shelves, it will be immediately reflected in all of the store's channels. 

To Boost Their Overall Revenue and Output:

Efficiently changing prices on electronic shelf labels saves clothes businesses time and money. Changing the e-ink is as simple as pressing a button, making it easier to prepare for different campaigns. 


Fashion stores

To Create a Genuine and Interactive Customer Service Experience:

Many clothes store personnel can devote more time to customer care when price management becomes less time-consuming. Providing an enjoyable shopping experience in an era where online businesses are the preferred method of purchasing is a competitive advantage. More time spent talking with consumers and helping them with their purchases means they are more likely to remain loyal to the business.

Your Fashion Store Can Benefit from Electronic Shelf Labels:

Many fashion retailers use electronic shelf labels to display prices in real-time to keep costs current. You may save time and energy by updating your labels more efficiently. You may devote most of your fashion experts' time to customer service instead of updating paper labels using ESL software.

Is a pioneer in the field of electronic tagging. Electronic shelf price tags have been becoming better and better with each new development. Digital labels' most recent collection is now more dependable for fashion retailers. Fashion retailers use e-tags and the new Newton system; they can do much more than alter prices in real time.

  • This electronic price tag has an eight to ten times faster refresh rate than the competition.

  • Flip up the top seven pages to get additional information about the product.

  • The longer battery life of the Newton makes it possible to use the LEDs in a broader range of colors.

  • Allows for more efficient work completion with the use of two programmable buttons

ESL in the beauty and fashion industry:

You'll be able to prove to customers that you have checked out competitors' pricing online. Employees may spend more time on sales and service by replacing the paper shelf edges rather than tedious and costly manual activities.

The chance to run more campaigns more frequently:

On the header front edge, you can use QR codes to allow customers to scan the code with their mobile devices and order items from the webshop.


Electronic shelf labels are critical to creating a personalized and engaging consumer experience. The shelf edge significantly impacts sales because it is where most purchases are made. Breese's dynamic solution allows you to modify promotions quickly and easily - anywhere - in just a few moments.