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Why Electronic Shelf Labels' LED Indication Is Important for Retail

Sep 23, 2022

For retailers around the globe, digitalization has become a buzzword. This pattern will persist because it has repeatedly demonstrated its value with each new invention. Many merchants now use a standard electronic shelf label (an ESL). Businesses of all sizes are starting to utilize these digital tags, which appear to have many applications. Nevertheless, why are shops beginning to use electronic labels, and what are the benefits of doing so for them? Today, I'll discuss about the LED lights of electronic shelf labels.

electronic shelf labels led light.jpg

Electronic shelf labels' LED lights

To Lower the Total Cost of Ownership:

Electronic shelf labels are increasingly popular among merchants because of the cost savings and improved resource management that come with digitalization. They no longer have to spend money on printing new paper labels and signage regularly, saving time, money, and resources. An alternative is to use a centralized server to update all the data displayed on the ESL screen.

ESLs are a low-waste and environmentally friendly approach to running a store because updates are reflected in minutes without needing to change any of the store signage. Additionally, many ESLs are battery-operated and do not require electricity.

To Enhance the Price:

Additionally, electronic shelf labels allow retailers to implement dynamic pricing. Thanks to ESL price updates, retailers can quickly and easily adjust their prices in response to changing market conditions. They can increase sales and profits by utilizing this pricing strategy. By selling their products at the proper time of day, retailers can maximize their profit margins and keep things constant. Retailers can avoid revenue leakage caused by incorrect pricing by using dynamic pricing.

To increase Interaction with Customers:

Many clients prefer the more one-on-one experience that comes with purchasing in person. The alternative would have been to make an internet purchase of the items they required. With the use of electronic shelf labels, retailers can give this experience. Shoppers can access product information, customer reviews, current stock levels, and more right at the shelf edge. Customers can also utilize the ESL rewards credit card to ask for assistance in finding products or a question from the staff.


LED indications on MinewTag

Advantages of Supermarkets Using LED Indications on ESLs

Everything's challenging to keep up with all that must be done at a busy supermarket tag, especially if it has to be done by hand. Many people prefer to ignore the tiniest things that could significantly impact sales.

When a label runs out of battery, store personnel can use MinewTag's LED Indication feature to alert them. It can also be used to advertise special promotions or new arrivals, as well as cashback or prizes.

  • Food Allergy Notification

MinewTag prioritizes the well-being of his clients above all else. LEDs highlight the presence of allergens so that customers can avoid them (ex.: yellow for peanuts, blue for dairy, red for crustaceans).

  • Announcing a Special Offer

MinewTag makes your promotions more engaging with LEDs that can show new arrivals, which advertisements are assigned to specific products, and which products may be purchased with ESL credit card rewards.

  • Notification of the Location of a Product

MinewTag is a massive time-saver for customer service representatives. The blinking LED makes it easier for shoppers to find the item they're looking for throughout the aisles by themselves.

  • Indicator of Calls

The ESL on the sender's end illuminates green when a customer or employee pushes the button to contact an employee or management. Sender employees and managers get a red LED on their MinewTag watch that indicates an urgent situation.

  • Alert to Expiration Date

Color settings can be applied to products nearing or having passed their expiration date to reduce food waste. Blue is good for five days, green for three, and yellow for a day after the expiration date.

epaper food label.png

Electronic shelf labels of food

E-Shelf Labels' Advantages:

An automated supermarket price tag management system is gradually becoming necessary for every retail organization. ESLs are becoming increasingly popular for various reasons beyond their utility as a price display.

  • Every channel has the same price.

This electronic technology has been implemented to guarantee that prices and other important information remain consistent across all platforms.

  • Enhances the Company's Omni-Channel Presence

With the help of electronic shelf labels, MinewTag specialists can easily manage an omnichannel without much stress. There is a wide range of ways in which businesses might benefit from this technology.

  • Flexible Pricing

Dynamic pricing, implemented by ESL, allows retailers to maintain a profit in the face of price fluctuations. Price changes can be made for various reasons, including increased demand or low availability, price matching competitors, or selling perishable commodities before their expiration date.

Why ESL Is More Than a Price Tag?

In addition to displaying electronic price tags in supermarkets can also offer clients precise product descriptions. Customers who are unsure about an item's features and benefits appreciate the thorough descriptions.

For example:

Product Name: MTag42

  • Dimension: 183 * 129 * 16 mm

  • Display Area That Is Actually Being Used: 163 mm x 98 mm

  • Color on display: black and white, red and white black, and yellow and white black.

  • Dimension: 99 * 94 * 14 mm

  • Protocol: BLE® 5.0

  • Color on display: black and white, red and white black, and yellow and white black.

MTag42 introduction video

  • Lowers Operational Costs

ESL saves money in a variety of ways. With electronic shelf labels, the costs of paper labels, ink, printing equipment, and most importantly, the personnel are significantly decreased.

  • Build a Loyal following of customers

It reveals competitors' costs, allows for easy buying through QR codes, reviews the products, and shows the stock levels of each item. As a result, many clients become long-term customers because of these qualities.

  • Alert

This technology's alert feature avoids the needless commotion of storing and handling the goods. The system directly informs the store manager and delivery person of a product shortfall to save time and effort.

  • Lowers the cost of labor

Automating inventory management reduces the cost of manual labor for businesses while improving their product delivery service.


Electronic shelf labels are the retail industry's next big thing. When it comes to running large-scale retail operations, this software is a godsend for business owners. Business owners must also take caution while selecting their Electronic Shelf Label providers to avoid server malfunctions.