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How to Promote Appliance Store Products with Electronic Shelf Labels?

Aug 18, 2022

When running a business, it's common knowledge that generating income and profit is critical to success. Many things are needed to make this happen: great products, excellent customer service, a solid brand to represent your company, long-term relationships with new and old consumers, and so on. These ideas can be applied even if you sell appliances online or in a brick-and-mortar location.


These fundamental ideas will help you build a strong reputation for your home appliances company and a following of devoted clients that will help your company last for a long time. However, selling top-of-the-line appliances from well-known household brands is only part of running a successful home appliances business. In this post, you will know how to promote your appliance stores via electronic shelf labels.


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Appliance stores

Best Ways to Advertise Your Home Appliance Store

In the following, we'll go over several marketing and promotion tactics that can help you better advertise and promote your home appliance store and the products you sell within it. In addition to taking advantage of cutting-edge technologies, these tactics and strategies also make good use of sound business judgment and common sense. Depending on the size and scope of your home appliance industry, you may use one or more of these strategies.

1. Bundle your products:

Most customers who go to home appliance stores seek specific equipment they require or already have before even opting to visit the physical store in person. As long as the "bundles" feature a substantial discount that clients can't resist, you'll be more likely to close a deal with your appliances on their own.


A refrigerator with an oven toaster or a Smart TV with the latest Bluetooth speakers would be a tempting option for many clients. Even if they had initially planned to buy a Smart TV, the Bluetooth speaker you packed with the appliance would make them consider spending just a little extra.


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MinewTag ESL in appliance stores

2. ESL product tags and displays:

To maximize in-store advantages, an interactive product tag or display that allows buyers to learn more about the item while they are in the store is a beautiful idea despite customers' pre-purchase research.


With the help of an integrated Product Information Management (PIM) platform, in-store interactive displays like Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) or ESL displays are a great way to stand out from the competition.


For example:

The Product Name: DZ026

Our DZ026 has a three-color LED light, allowing our staff to customize the lighting of specific goods labels to expedite the positioning of goods. The LED light's display color can also be customized, allowing multiple teams to pick goods using different colors of lights simultaneously.


Customers can access interactive displays on their own, providing them with important information about the appliance, such as its measurements to determine if it will fit in their minivans, or just pressing a button to obtain help from the store employees.


DZ026's showcase video

3. When it comes to public events and demonstrations:

Regularly organizing events and demonstrations is a terrific approach to attracting new clients to your home appliance company. Local celebrities and influencers can provide in-store tips and demonstrations, such as a famous chef or a prominent parent vlogger.

4. Regularly run price promotions:

People would not hesitate to shop if an excellent home appliance store sale were held regularly. Many people are price-conscious, so they're always searching for unique offers and price discounts. Advertisements in local papers, websites, or social media might pique their interest.


Schedule price reductions frequently to appease their desire for sales promotions. Make it a one-time event, but pledge to repeat it in the future. They'll keep an eye out for the following price promotions and be eager to shop at your appliance business when the time comes.


5. Extend the benefits:

As a result, your home appliance business will become the go-to spot for clients that prioritize value and customer care above all else. To entice customers to buy from your home appliance business, you can provide:

  • More extended warranties.

  • Deferred financing charges.

  • Free delivery.

  • Any other valuable services you can put on.


6. Incorporate internet marketing strategies into your plan of action:

Because of improvements in connectivity and the Internet, buyers can now more easily shop for useful home appliances. Before ever setting foot in an actual store, up to 87% of customers will conduct comprehensive online research on a device or a retailer. An electronic item for home must have a beautiful brick-and-mortar location and a beautiful online presence that makes internet visitors feel like they're actually in your brick-and-mortar location. 


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Build your own website to help sales

How to Sell Appliances in Retail 

Here are the steps:

1. A great website for home appliances

Potential customers shopping for best electric appliances online should be sent to your website as the first step in their journey. Make your website an e-commerce platform where customers can make purchases online, or make it an interactive portal where they can gain more valuable information to help them make a purchase.


These new internet technologies include augmented reality and even 3D technology, which allow visitors to browse appliances as if they were looking at a physical display. They can experiment with different colors and sizes or even mix & match to their heart's content. There is no end to what can be done here.

2. Incorporate digital marketing into your marketing plan:

You may need to use digital marketing and your website to attract new customers. These include SEO, PPC, and Rich Content.

3. Utilize the influence of online communities:

Social media is a potent internet marketing tool. Your products and stores can be promoted on various social media platforms by utilizing images, videos, and other media content. Almost all of your potential consumers are on social media. Therefore, you need to be there too.

4. Do more than sell appliances — provide outstanding service to your clients

As a home appliance store, your firm is no different from any other competing for a slice of the pie in the home appliance market. Add value to your products by generating unique shopping and customer experiences rather than just selling appliances.

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Unique user experience in appliance stores


An ever-changing and expanding market for best electronic home appliances can be found. Because of the increasing popularity of high-tech gadgets and latest news on home appliances, you'll need a better approach to attracting customers to your home appliance store. Innovative technologies and systems and practical online and offline marketing methods can help you differentiate your store from the competition.