Minewtag Changes On The Way

Minewtag Presents Edge Products & Solutions at the CHTF and CHINASHOP 2020

Nov 30, 2020

Within two consecutive weeks, Minewtag has attended to two grand exhibitions — CHTF 2020 in Shenzhen, China and CHINASHOP 2020 in Shanghai, China, showcasing our cutting-edge IoT products and intelligent solutions.

minewtag at chinashop.png

Minewtag at CHINASHOP 2020 and CHTF 2020

From November 11st to 15th,at the 22nd CHTF, Minewtag launched the newly high-performance electronic shelf labels (ESLs)SuperGalaxy Series. The SuperGalaxy series is dedicated to becoming the leader and innovator in ESL industry with its super lightweight, upgraded at dynamic pricing, remote control, long battery life, low temperature resistance, waterproof and dustproof.

supergalaxy series electronic shelf tags.png

Minewtag's new tag series is being introduced

At the exhibition site, Minewtag also showed visitors our high-tech products such as Minew base stations, Bluetooth modules, sensors, and smart solutions for warehouse, healthcare, retail and so forth.


To truly present and share our Smart Retail Solution, we accepted the invitation to the China Retail Trade Fair in Shanghai, the largest professional retail exhibition in Asia, seizing the chance to communicate insights together with other nearly 1,000 exhibitors and visitors in related industries.

We had created a multi-dimensional interactive experience scene in the convention and exhibition center, interacted with visitors and allowing visitors to immerse into smart retail.


Minewtag Smart Retail Solution generates a digital shopping experience basing on the cloud, ESL, Beacons and other IoT devices, helping retailers to intelligently manage goods, locate personnel, reduce costs and increase efficiency, and shorten the distance between customers and products to satisfy customers’ need.

esl solutions for smart retail.png

Smart retail solutions displayed at the exhibition

Minewtag invites experts in the industry to witness the development and innovation of our products, aggregating new retail mainstream and discovering trend-setting moves in the retail industry.


See you at the next exhibitions.