Minewtag Changes On The Way

Minew Joined IOTE 2021 with Newly-developed IoT Products

Nov 02, 2021

On October 25th, the 16th International Internet of Things Exhibition (IOTE 2021) successfully concluded in Shenzhen. The theme of this exhibition is "Chips Internet All Objects, Intelligence Enforces the World.", responding to the development of digital intelligence, sustainable and innovative applications.


At the exhibition, Minew presented with the newly-arrived high-accuracy AoA G2 Gateway Kit, the latest Double-sided digital table sign, and popular BLE modules, as well as comprehensive application cases covering office, retail, warehouse, healthcare, etc.

minew participated in iote.jpg

Minewtag Participated in IOTE 2021

01 Digital Office Solution with ESL: Protect Environment and Improve Efficiency

As an innovator in the field of Carbon neutral · Carbon peak and digital transformation, Minew is committed to helping thousands of industries accelerate digital transformation by offering full-scenario digital solutions through electronic shelf labels, intelligent cloud platform, IoT gateway, sensors, and other IoT devices.


Minew designed a meeting room simulation with Minew's electronic table signs in this exhibition, including MTag42, STag42, STag75, MTag75, STag116. These Minew's tags are utilized to display the basic information of the conference, such as the date, subject, conference time, the attendees, and other complementary information.

meeting room simulation with digital tags.jpg

Meeting Room Simulation with Digital Tags

Minew insists on developing eco-friendly electronic labels to improve office and management efficiency and promote environmental protection. Those E-labels have two main benefits as follow:


On the one hand, electronic shelf labels (ESL) solutions realize the informatization of new infrastructure data display through paperless digital display. All data can be visualized, traceable, and real-time, which significantly improves work efficiency.


On the other hand, ESL solutions, featured with ultra-low power consumption, 5-year lifetime, and eye protection, can effectively reduce the waste of papers and trees and eliminate carbon emissions, which is in line with the sustainable development concept of "carbon neutrality · carbon peak".

minewtag electronic shelf labels.png

Minewtag's Electronic Shelf Labels

02 AoA G2 Gateway Kit: IOTE 2021 Gold Award Winner


Minew introduced the newly-debuted AoA G2 Gateway Kit at this exhibition. The AoA G2 Gateway Kit independently developed by Minew can reach a sub-meter level in positioning accuracy. It can realize historical track management, electronic fence alarm, video linkage detection, big data statistical analysis by obtaining real-time positions of personnel and equipment. By such, it can meet the positioning needs of users in different industries and provide technical support for data, information, and intelligent management in various application scenarios.


It is worth mentioning that Minew's AoA won the IOTE 2021 Gold Award for its superior technical advantages and high market recognition.

minew aoa gateway kit.png

Minew AoA Gateway Kit

03 BLE Modules: Low Power

BLE modules independently developed by Minew can provide professional Bluetooth-embedded solutions for all-size household appliances, lighting equipment, security equipment, massage equipment, consumer electronics. It can help quickly realize the intelligent upgrade of traditional electronic products.


Embrace Challenges of The Times, Insist Sustainable IoT Development

2021 will continue to be a challenging year for all industries. In this context, though, IoT technology plays a positive role in leading business and consumer trends. GSMA estimates that China's IoT industry will exceed 2 trillion yuan by 2022.


By now, Minew has already established partnerships with customers in more than 80 countries worldwide, including Tencent Video Good Time, Shenzhen Foxconn, Hungary Telecom, Terra Madre, Israel SP SMART APPLICATIONS LTD, The Patio Market, and so on.


In the future, Minew will also continue to help promote low-carbon emission reduction and build a sustainably-developed IoT operation system, contributing to global environmental protection and IoT development.