Smart ESL Solutions Help Promote Brand Image
"Maybe there is no industry more suitable for using electronic price labels than the telecommunications industry."
– George Bush, Product Manager

Minewtag's Smart 3C Store Solution (ESLs) Promote The Brand Image of China Telecom

BACKGROUND: Following the close strategic cooperation between China Telecom Corporation Limited (also referred to as "China Telecom") and Minewtag, we have implanted our self-developed smart IoT in just a few months' solutions into hundreds of China Telecom stores. In the current wave of the digital transformation sweeping the 3C electronic industry, the application of electronic tags to replace paper price tags is an important symbol of industrial transformation and upgrading. It makes the brand image more "scientific and technological."

SOLUTION: Minewtag's ESLs features an e-ink screen, high definition display, low power consumption, and Nordic chips with Bluetooth 5.0 technology that can run stably for up to 5 years. Minewtag's good product performance and energy-saving and eco-friendly concept for creating efficient, green, and emphasis on the store's experience have laid a foundation, which is also a big reason for China Telecom to choose our electronic tags.


  • Make digital store management time-saving and more efficient
  • Complete installation, deployment, training, and template support services  
  • Upgrade brand image

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Contact us to design your exclusive solution with MinewTag
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