A Full Set of ESL Solutions for Cosmestic Stores
Minewtag earned our vote for the proven leadership and maturity of its smart retail solution. We really need the automation of our in-store processes to improve the operational efficiency, increase competitiveness and stay on the market
– Takeuchi, O'life Store Manager

O'life Store Achieves Real-time Price Adjustments with BLE 5.0 Smart Retail Solutions


With an ever-increasing business scope, Cosmetics Store needed to integrate products and databases effectively for increased flexibility and automation.

Japanese O'life cosmestic store locates in Tokyo with six floors and over 300 square meters. It covers a full range of categories with makeups, health products, daily necessities, and maternal & child products. Adjusting prices with paper labels is time-consuming. A lot of staff is required to maintain paper price tags, but mistakes are still inevitable. The wrong price can result in check-out delays, consumer complaints, and higher operating expenses. Adhering to its vision of “quality life, better daily life,” the store targets to offer customers a better shopping experience while maintaining profits. 



To meet the requirements for the long-term evolution of their operation system, we customized several full-set Smart Retail Solutions based on the most effective & attractive electronic shelf labels and intelligent Cloud Platform.

The solution is safeguarded with physical, network, application, and data security, supported by proprietary chipsets and digital platforms. The cloud data center manages information resources to improve store service efficiency and decision-making accuracy.

O'life Cosmetics Store selected our MTag in 2.13 inches with a fully graphic three-color display (Red, black and white). The store could draw customers’ attention to offer and present a broader range of commodity info with our cutting-edge labels. Our Tags help to build a positive brand image.


The cosmetics store can realize tens of thousands of changes in seconds on each label. This ability enables the store to execute timely promotions to incentivize sales, eliminate price errors and reduce time & effort wasted. It further ensures in-store employees get rid of the work on paper labeling and concentrate on customer service. The clients enjoy the attentive service and obtain added value in the more detailed product information (the source of origin, product ingredients, and more). The environment-friendly label builds trust, nurtures loyalty, and brings a new image for the Japanese cosmetics store.



According to Global Market Insights, global demand for ESLs is increasing and is expected to surpass 240 million units by 2024. We hope to change the traditional model of using paper price labels and antiquated marketing in the retail industry. It is time to embrace the new retail mode era.

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