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Why ESL Solutions Are Critical to Retail During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Apr 02, 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic has been with us for two years, there has been a lasting impact on our work, with some companies starting to arrange for employees to work from home to avoid infection. However, maintaining productivity while keeping COVID-19 safe has become a challenge for industries that cannot work from home. Retail formats such as department stores, specialty stores, discount stores, and convenience stores face such difficulties. As the business continues to grow, the dependence of such applications on technology is further increasing.


This article will explain why electronic shelf labels (ESL) solutions are critical to retail during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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1. Improve efficiency, save time and reduce unnecessary labor costs

Minew's ESL Smart Retail solution consists of a gateway, electronic labels, and cloud platform. By applying our ESL products portfolio, you can easily manage retail labels through our cloud platform. You will be able to:


1) Changing the product information at home

During the epidemic outbreak, the increasing price of raw materials will cause the increase of commodities price. Since most workers need to replace the old paper labels manually, using traditional solutions is too time-consuming and labor-intensive. But using Minew's cloud platform, you can change the price, content, labels' design, and template of the products in batches with just a single click. Imagine only one worker runs the whole store effectively, and that is what intelligent ESL Minew retail solutions can do.

Moreover, to a large extent, you don't even need to arrive at the store in person; you can stay at home, watch the movie and spend little time changing the price on the platform remotely.


2) Quickly grasp product information through LED lights

Commonly, the employee cannot go back to work during the current situation. Therefore, some companies or stores will temporarily recruit people to meet the requirement of running an entire store. These workers are not familiar with the process and thus impacting the efficiency of the store.

But don't worry, Minew ESL solutions can significantly optimize the efficiency of workers.

Minewtag's MTag Series comes with three-color RCG lights, and the Cloud platform can send commands to make LED flashing. By doing so, workers are able to locate, recognize the status, replenish the product quickly.



2. Efficiently manage multiple stores

Many chain stores have branches in different countries, cities, and regions, and these branches have thousands of labels, and the prices are all the same.

Due to the outbreak, the release of updated information may be delayed, omitted, etc., which may affect the response speed and performance of the entire company.

Minew ESL solutions provide an off-the-shelf, user-friendly management solution. For example, you can assign super administrator rights to administrators. With this access, administrators can create multiple child stores. All product information is the same in different stores and can be easily changed with a click. After the customer's system is complete,the data changes between the customer's system, ESLs, and cloud platform can be synchronized.

ESLs Designed for Retail Business

3. Minewtag Will Help Retailers to Overcome the COVID-19 Outbreak

COVID-19 and containment measures have prompted merchants to restructure their businesses and accelerate the adoption of new technologies such as e-tagging. During the first wave, many retailers faced operational challenges: understaffing, rising consumer demand, out-of-stock shelves, and increased online orders. Businesses already equipped with electronic tags in the first wave were also more optimistic about issues related to COVID-19 in the second wave. 

Arguably, the spread of COVID-19 has accelerated e-shelf labeling into a must-have technology rather than a better one to have. Otherwise, merchants will have to deal with other unknown challenges in the future of traditional retail. Please email us at if you want to upgrade your retail label into a more advanced management mode.