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Eco-friendly Labels Help Environmentally-conscious Companies

Aug 30, 2020

May many of you have already noticed the changes in our living environment in recent years. The weather becomes hotter each year; climate change melts Arctic ice, human actions caused Amazon rainforest fires the place called 'Earth's Lungs.' It might be quite a serious talk, but it is the fact that we are facing now. We must start to do something for our home, the next generation, and other species. This post aims to call for attention to our eco-friendly labels, which can significantly help curb environmental degradation.

air pollution.jpg

Harmful gases emitted into the air

What is environmental degradation

Environmental degradation is the disintegration of the earth or deterioration of the environment through the consumption of assets, for example, air, water and soil; the destruction of environments and the eradication of wildlife.

1. Air Pollution

After the Industrial Revolution, the world's industry developed rapidly. The development of the economy has also brought severe air pollution. Toxic gases emitted by factories not only do harm to the environment but also affect people's health.


2. Global Warming

Toxic substances and gases, such as carbon dioxide and methane, are burned and released into the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide and methane absorb solar radiation and, therefore, directly affect the temperature of the Earth.

Global warming leads to rising sea levels, rising earth temperatures, the risk of extinction of different animal species, an increase in tsunamis, hurricanes, floods, other natural disasters, and melting ice caps.


3. Health threats

Did you know that air pollution causes more deaths than malaria and AIDS/HIV?

But it's not only that. The COVID-19 has lasted for nearly two years. It is hard to say that the outbreak has nothing to do with environmental degradation.

cut down tree.jpg

Trees are cut down

What is the relationship between environmental protection and electronic labels?


Until now, perhaps you may wonder what's the matter with Electronic Shelf Labels in this case. To reduce tree felling, more and more paperless ways of working/learning are becoming popular. For example, more and more people begin to read E-books instead of paper books. Schools use iPad as teaching tools instead of traditional teaching ways, with students taking notes and doing their homework online now. What about other places where paper labels are needed? Take retail stores as an example.


There are about 6 million supermarkets, department stores, convenience stores, groceries, and fresh fruits shops to sell daily necessities in China. We attempt an average use of 100 pieces paper price tag in each store; then it will be 6 million paper tags in use without changes. If one A4 paper can make 15 pieces of paper tag, 40 million pieces of A4 paper are needed. A 20-year-old tree can produce around 3,000 pieces of A4 paper. To cover this usage, we need to cut down about 13,000 trees even though it is just an attempt, but the result is still appalling.


In contrast, Electronic Shelf Labels has shown a series of advantages, such as being made with durable materials, long-lasting battery life, easy to operate, saving labor cost, etc. And the key feature is that no more trees need to be cut down to make paper price tags. In addition, dealing with retail, ESL can also be used in many other industries. It means that since we start to implement eco-friendly Electronic Shelf Labels, we will efficiently stop cutting down trees.


electronic shelf labels used in retail store.png

Electronic shelf labels used in retail stores--Minewtag

Why Choose MinewTag?

We continuously innovates in ESLs for years, exploring the lower energy consumption and more diverse of ESLs to offer them in more and more countries and regions.

Our ESLs assist in effectively processing information in a centralized and accurate way, cutting cost while boosting margins. We provide high-class products and solutions in healthcare, warehouse, office, retail and other consumption sectors. 

Minewtag's Electronic shelf labels have the following features:

1. E-ink display. Support multilingual and custom editing.

2. Bluetooth 5.0 Technology. Quick screen refresh; Safe; Stable.

3. Three-color LED light. Visually show the status of labels.

4. Support NFC. You can use APP or PDA to refresh information with one click.

5. Multi-color display. For example, black-white, black-white-red, black-white-yellow.

6. Custom label sample. Support custom layout of  QR code, bar code, photos, and colors.


With the development of technology, we have benefited a lot. Let us do something to protect our Earth -- the home that we live. As we said in the beginning, remember every minor count.