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MinewTag Helps Canada's Riverside Liquor Store to Realize Smart Retail

Oct 26, 2023

Recently, MinewTag has cooperated with Riverside Liquor Store in Canada to introduce ESL electronic tag solution, which enhance their operational efficiency and provide a more intelligent and dynamic shopping experience for customers.



Accuracy and Real-time Information Are Crucial in a Highly Competitive Market

Riverside Liquor Store has always been committed to provide high-quality alcoholic beverages, but traditional paper price tags and promotional materials often cause problems likes: misleading customers and inefficient operations. For this issue, Riverside Liquor Store has adopted electronic shelf labels, which fundamentally solve the problem of inaccurate price tag information, enabling sustainable development and customers friendliness.


By deploying MinewTag's ESL electronic labels, Riverside Liquor Store can manage shelf and product information more efficiently. The stores manager can update shelf information and price in batches quickly and real-time, making it more flexible to respond to market’s competition and customer’s different demand.



Why Riverside Liquor Store Adopts MinewTags STag Series ESL?

The STag series of electronic labels from MinewTag meets the store's needs for efficient information management. The simple and stylish appearance of the STag series also enhances the modern and exquisite atmosphere of the store. The STag series also supports customizing shell by Pantone color, allowing businesses to customize their labels to create a better image and promotional effect.        


With MinewTag's ESL electronic labels, Riverside Liquor Store can reduce a lot of paper and ink waste, reduce carbon footprint, and help the business establish an environment-friendly image. Due to the use of low-power Bluetooth and low-energy e-ink screens, ESL electronic tags have low energy consumption in daily use, refreshed three times a day, and have a battery life of 10 years or more, bringing long-term economic benefits. The business no longer needs to maintain and replace price tags, saving time and costs.


Whats the Benefit of Adopting Electronic Price Tags for Riverside Liquor Store?

Riverside Liquor Store has both online and offline sales channels, and MinewTag's ESL electronic labels support embedding QR codes. Customers can scan the QR code with their mobile phones to jump to the online store to purchase. In addition, detailed information about the product, including origin, alcohol content, and food and wine pairing suggestions, can be embedded in the label in the form of a QR code. Customers can browse by scanning the code without the need for staff introduction, providing a richer shopping experience.


As a one-stop IoT solution service provider, MinewTag will continue to provide ESL digital display solutions to help businesses respond to the challenges and opportunities brought by digital retail. The smart store is an important form of new retail that is constantly evolving and improving, enhancing business competitiveness and brand image with intelligence and efficiency.