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WorkNomads X MinewTag | Enhancing Remote Work with Smart Meeting Spaces

Aug 16, 2023

In this article, we delve into the world of digital nomadism and explore how WorkNomads is transforming remote workspaces using MinewTag’s cutting-edge technology. Discover the advantages of MinewTag’s smart office display solution, which enhances meeting efficiency and reinforces brand identity.


The Rise of Digital Nomadism:

Do you know about "digital nomadism"? The term "digital nomadism" refers to a group of people who don't have to commute to work on time, but live on a relaxing island or in the countryside, and do their work via the Internet, which is a lifestyle that embraces remote work and fosters creativity and freedom. Under the influence of the epidemic, the number of digital nomads around the world has grown at a rapid rate, and has now reached 35 million. More and more countries are joining the digital nomad visa trend, and at the same time, many digital nomad employer organizations and new spaces have been created to provide digital nomads with job opportunities, office space, living communities, tax incentives, and so on, which makes this way of life evolve and improve in constant practice.


worknomads selected minewtag 1.jpgworknomads selected minewtag.jpg

WorkNomads' workplace

WorkNomads: Pioneering the Digital Nomad Movement:

Delve into the success story of Bulgarian WorkNomads, a global employer for digital nomads. Discover how they offer enticing project opportunities across the globe, as well as fully equipped co-working spaces, luxury accommodation and communal facilities. Discover their focus on creating a comfortable and productive environment for digital nomads.


Efficient Meeting Management with MinewTag’s Smart Display Solution:

The wide application of digital tools has raised the efficiency of nomadic office to a new level. In terms of meeting management, WorkNomads adopts MinewTag's smart office display solution, which only needs to add/change meeting information on the online ESL Cloud Platform, and then the offline meeting room door plate can be updated in real time, realizing reasonable arrangement of multiple meetings and avoiding temporary meetings to disrupt the order.

At the same time, WorkNomads internal meeting system and MinewTag's ESL Cloud Platform are connected, and the door plate information can be updated on its own system, which reduces many communication costs and makes it more convenient and faster to use. In addition, in the face of temporary meeting changes, the cell phone can also be operated to modify.


WorkNomads adopts MinewTag's STag E-ink Label featuring customized dark grey shell.

Crafting a Profound Brand Image:

In a digital nomadic community, the user's experience of the environment is also very important, so even a conference door sign on the wall needs to give a direct impression that this is a comfortable and efficient office space.

WorkNomads uses MinewTag's STag series products as the conference door sign, which has a simple and stylish appearance and supports Pantone color customization of the shell. MinewTag customized the dark grey shell for WorkNomads to better match its business image. For users, the e-ink screen does not need to be connected to the electricity, the advantages of fast and accurate refresh, easy to operate, very suitable for office space requiring high efficiency.


STag116 11.6" E-ink doorplate introduction video


As the digital nomad trend gains momentum, innovative solutions like MinewTag’s smart office display system are crucial in fostering efficient remote work environments. Embrace the digital nomad lifestyle while optimizing meeting management and enhancing brand image with Cloud and IoT-powered solutions. Experience the future of work today!