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Why Classic ESL MinewTag's STag26 Is Still Popular

May 26, 2023

With the development of economy and technology, more and more supermarket and warehouse are using Electronic Shelf Label to manage their merchandise. On the one hand, the electronic price tag displays information clearly and conveniently, on the other hand, the electronic price tag saves manpower and material resources. While As MinewTag fashionable Superstar Series, Why STag26 can always be popular among supermarket and warehouse?


Small Size ESL STag26 Makes Shelves More Compact And Delicate

The size of MinewTag STag26 is classic 2.6 inches, designed to be simpler and lighter. This Electronic Shelf Label offers a user-friendly viewing experience. This model STag26 Weighs only 38g, and it has a simple and natural solid color shell that looks great when placed uniformly on the shelves. The Small size digital price label makes supermarket or stores shelves look compact, neat, delicate and professional, giving consumers a strong feeling of trust.


STag26 Electronic Price Tags Have Fast Refresh Rate

The STag26 ESL offers a faster refresh rate with second-level updates being a breeze. If you need to change products price on shelves, you can operate on PC, mobile apps, mini-programs, PDA, and other terminals. With Bluetooth 5.0 communication, it has strong anti-interference capabilities and can easily handle situations, such as promotion price or stock information. You can modify uniformly, no need to change one by one, and the speed is fast in a few seconds.


Massive Templates Make ESL Design Easily and Display Copiously

The STag26 supports black, white and red, three-color e ink displays, and it can upload product images and promotional QR codes. The gateway platform also offer a wide range of templates that businesses can choose and modify without the need for any design skills. It also supports custom screen display templates. For the supermarket, You can display information you want to show so as to make the customer get price or promotion in a second. For warehouse, the staff can capture inventory changes quickly.

Support Multiple Staff to Pick by Light Simultaneously

The STag26 has a built-in three-color lights and provide Pick-by-Light System for identifying products and ensuring accurate inventory levels. In supermarket, product promotions can be highlighted, attracting customers' attention. For warehouse, staffs can locate, find and manage goods easily. staff can set the lighting of specific goods' labels through our ESL Cloud Platform so as to achieve fast positioning of goods. Multiple staff can operate goods-picking according to different colors of lights simultaneously.



Less Power Consumption and Long Life

The STag26 has a long life due to its electronic ink screen's low power consumption when not refreshed, it can be used for several years when refreshed three times daily. The common button battery power supply makes it easy to replace the battery.


In conclusion, STag26 E label compacts classic, thin, clear, and durable all in one, and easily meets the needs of supermarkets and warehouses. It is sure to improve work efficiency and attract more customers. Maybe that's why Minew STag26 attracts consumers.


Most importantly, In order to thank new and old customers for your support to MinewTag, Minew Tag launched a Mid- Year promotional activity for the classic STag26. Up to Save 1300usd!

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