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MinewTag Collaborates with Canadian Food Vending Machine for Convenient Dining Experience

May 18, 2023

As people today seek both delicious and convenient meals, traditional food establishments often face long queues during peak hours. However, Canadian unmanned food vending machine has emerged as a solution, offering fresh and ready-made meals quickly and conveniently, even amidst a busy work schedule. This not only benefits customers but also saves merchants valuable time and labor costs.



Canadian umanned food vending machine

How Does an Unmanned Food Vending Machine Work?

By setting up an "AI smart freezer + miniature rice heater + Electronic Shelf Label" unmanned food store near office buildings, apartments, hospitals, schools, or other areas, energy consumption is significantly reduced. In the case of Canadian unmanned food vending machine, their menu is curated by world-class chefs and manually delivered daily. 

When a customer places an order and makes payment through the IoT equipment system, the freezer door opens, allowing the food to be heated an d enjoyed. The AI real-time monitoring technology in the freezer optimizes inventory dynamically. 

Notably, this Canadian food vending machine utilizes the ESL electronic label solution, enabling real-time updates of promotional information on electronic shelf labels. This ensures customers can promptly access discounts.


Benefits of an Unmanned Food Vending Machine:

For merchants operating unattended meal stores, saving labor costs and improving efficiency are crucial. Using paper labels requires manual modifications every day when meals are delivered, resulting in time-consuming processes, reduced efficiency, and paper wastage. 

In contrast, implementing ESL electronic price tags in an unmanned food vending machine allows for online price management through a cloud platform, enabling instant price modifications and updates on the price tags. 

Additionally, ESL eliminates manual modification errors and is ideal for stores that prioritize "less manpower and high efficiency." Equipped with seven-color LED prompt lights, electronic price tags facilitate quick food replenishment for delivery personnel, while customers can easily and promptly access promotional information through the digital price tag display.



Why MinewTag's Electronic Shelf Labels?

MinewTag's electronic shelf label solution offers versatility in adapting price labels to various scenarios. 

  • Firstly, it allows price modifications via a PC terminal, enabling real-time updates for a large number of products. 

  • Secondly, it seamlessly integrates with the merchant's retail system, facilitating rapid price changes on the existing cash register system. 

  • Thirdly, MinewTag ESL supports mobile app for changing prices of a single product. The ability to link multiple terminals enables multi-scenario operations, opening doors to innovative store models. 

As a listed and high-tech company, MinewTag is committed to providing customers with comprehensive one-stop services, encompassing research and development, electronic shelf label design, production, sales, and ESL system solutions. MinewTag's electronic shelf label addresses all your concerns.


The Future Possibilities of ESL + Food Vending Machine:

As technology progresses, smart vending machine of the future will not only be unattended but will also incorporate healthy recipe analysis, personalized nutrition recommendations, and enhanced dining experiences for customers. 

From vending machines to unmanned stores, technology continues to pave the way toward a more efficient future, and ESL plays a crucial role in upgrading unmanned vending systems. 

The integration of electronic shelf labels with unmanned restaurants holds the potential to offer customers a more convenient dining experience, humanized and differentiated services, and an overall comfortable consumption journey. The future of ESL+Unmanned Restaurant holds countless possibilities that will surpass our current imagination.