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What Are The Benefits of Digital Labels to Schools?

Jan 05, 2023

The facilities at a school significantly affect the performance of teachers and students. They influence a teacher’s hiring, retention, dedication, and effort as well as students’ well-being, engagement, learning, and success. It’s time for a change if your school lacks modern technology. You can pave the way to an entirely new level of learning with digital labels. In this article, we will explain why these e-labels are useful to schools.



Digital labels for schools

Benefits of Digital Labels for Schools


Here are five benefits that digital labels offer to schools.


#Benefit 1: Location-based services

The teacher can track a student as they move from one location to another by using the student name labels’ NFC in addition to its LBS capability. The new position of the child is saved on the server so that parents, teachers, and the school can track the child’s whereabouts. This allows the school to decide whether the child is out of reach right away and contact a parent or emergency services.


#Benefit 2: Tapping NFC


In the cafeteria, students can switch out their restaurant cards or meal tickets and pre-load them with a certain amount. By tapping on the classroom label, students can use their access cards in the dorm and the classrooms. Moreover, students can use classroom labels with pictures as well. 


When students tap their student ID on student desk labels, teachers can also record students' attendance.


#Benefit 3: Make the Job of Librarian Easier


With digital labels, librarians can easily update shelf labels without investing a lot of time and effort in manually replacing every paper label on every shelf throughout the entire library.


To organize the library, librarians can use classroom library labels. Book labels are the best way to keep your classroom library in order. This helps students to browse books easily in the library.


Students can also use the library's website to search for a specific book, and the corresponding shelf LED will blink when they do so. 



E-ink book labels in libraries

#Benefit 4: Bluetooth

Students can use tags as a notepad by writing on them using their mobile devices and then updating them to the tags using the digital label’s Bluetooth feature. 


Additionally, students can affix the label to their possessions like wallets and luggage. The Bluetooth location feature makes it possible to track the object. When the items depart from previously assigned bounds, they could sound the alarm.


Which Digital Label is Best for Schools?


If you want to build a foundation for a new level of learning, then go with Electronic Shelf Labels. This works incredibly by providing benefits which are as follows:

· Provide real-time information.

· Save a lot of time.

· User-friendly digital display.




So, now you have understood the benefits of digital labels for schools. So, if you are planning to make your school more advanced then use Electronic Shelf Labels.