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Your Flower Shops Bloom with E-ink Signage

Dec 09, 2022

Digital labels, often known as electronic shelf labels (ESL), can help flower shops overcome the challenges of selling flowers. During peak seasons like Mother's Day and Valentine's Day, florists need an easy way to quickly adjust prices to meet customer demand. The flowers must be sold quickly before they begin to wilt, so inventory management systems are essential.

Using digital labels, florists can better track the freshness of their flowers, extend their products' shelf life, and achieve their omnichannel goals. Florists in the present era face several difficulties in the retail sector as they endeavor to meet the expectations of their customers.

In addition to these difficulties, flower shops also need a quick price update system to keep up with demand during busy periods like Mother's Day and Valentine's Day and a shelf-life management system to ensure the flowers are sold before they wilt. Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) or digital labels can help flower businesses thrive by including tools that help retailers meet the obstacles of selling flowers.


Flower shop

1. It is like price tags for the 21st century:

Flower store owners have challenges, one of which is trying to catch up to high-end rivals. After all, competing flower shop signage housed in brick-and-mortar locations do not affix price tags to actual wooden sticks the way street vendors do.

2. It can show off visuals and extra data:

Curious shoppers may overwhelm the employees at times while they are trying to perform other duties. Yet this problem can be remedied if you have digital labels that also perform customer support functions. Shoppers will be wowed by the ESL full-graphic e ink sign screens and multiple-page displays of digital titles for flower shops.

3. It changes prices more quickly at busy times:

When busy times of the year like Mother's Day and Valentine's Day are approaching, florists often use temporary chalkboards on sticks to swiftly update their flower prices. However, there is a quicker, less labor-intensive alternative to writing new prices on each miniature chalkboard throughout the store.

A centralized server connected to the ESL system enables simultaneous digital updates to several Epaper digital signage. Since this method can be tied with the store's digital inventory and cash register records, the prices at the register and on the digital labels will always match.


4. It allows for effective control of storage time:

One of the more common difficulties of running a flower store is tossing out blooms that have wilted before being sold. This not only increases waste but also reduces profits.

Instead, when the ESL labels' lights flash red, employees will know exactly which bouquets need to be moved off the shelves as soon as possible (or whatever color you programmed it to use). If employees observe a flashing label, they may try to sell the flower to customers before the end of the day and keep it from being thrown away.

5. It present omnichannel opportunities:

Flower stores must compete with online shops and accept cashless payments to keep up with modern consumers. E ink digital signage may open up possibilities for florists and new product markets.

Digital labels can be helpful for a flower shop in case the owner decides to branch out into e-commerce since they contribute to the digitization of business structures. The flower store can accept cashless transactions, such as smartphone payments, thanks to the NFC-tapping capacity of digital labels.


Traditional price tags in the flower shop

6. Flexible pricing:

With the electronic paper signage price tag, you may bring pricing up to current in no time. Consider time-based pricing changes, sales, and other promotions. Few businesses have the chance to benefit from using dynamic pricing.

Why? Simply because it is inconvenient to alter the cost of goods on store shelves manually. Consider this hypothetical situation in which demand skyrockets for a specific item at a given moment. Or maybe you heard the price of that item has recently increased.

7. Benefits consumers by improving the omnichannel purchasing process:

There is a compelling case for coordinating the operations of your online and brick-and-mortar stores. If your store runs out of an item, for instance, having a QR code visitors can scan to make a quick purchase or order online is a great option.

Better inventory management requires synchronization between in-store purchases and online stock levels. Fortunately, MinewTag offerings ESL provide shops with entry to a suite of applications that streamline the digitalization of the in-store purchasing process. Better customer experience means growth for your brand.

8. Sensitive information is transmitted safely and securely.

Electronic shelf labels are vulnerable to cyberattacks like any other digital equipment. That's why your company must implement cyber resilience and security measures. For whatever reason, a third party may seek access to your list of prices or other details.

Now that electronic shelf labels provide encrypted data transfer, you may safely share data across your offline and online systems. If you do this, hackers won't be able to access your wireless network.

9. Shows more about the products:

Intelligent marketing strategies can be easily implemented using electronic price tags. The customer's smartphone can be used to unlock further product details by scanning barcodes presented on high-tech, high-resolution displays.

Once customers are connected via their smartphone, they may begin seeing personalized advertisements based on their search history, social network participation, and purchases. One method of boosting sales through positive feedback is to highlight customer testimonials.

10. Tags with digital technology used in restricted areas:

Thanks to the technology, the tags can continue to function normally even when placed in the cold or hot environments familiar to many retailers (mainly supermarkets). However, items that need to be kept at precise temperatures, such as frozen meals, should have price tags explicitly designed for that purpose.

Fresh dishes and al fresco dining are often served at establishments with sealed price tags. They are safe from harm because of the seal. The sensors and ultra-broadband wireless connectivity built into some of the titles allow for pinpointing the exact location of a shopper within the establishment. A label can attract a customer's attention by presenting a discount or other incentive while they are near a product.


7-color E-ink label--RS075


The retail industry has been hit by a tidal wave of digitalization, with digital price tags only one of many forms of automation. You improve the productivity of your in-store team while also making digital shopping more convenient for your clientele.

Maximizing your store's potential can help you save time and money while improving your customers' shopping experiences. By pressing programmable buttons on the digital labels, customers can access more information about the product, such as tips for when to utilize the flowers.