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The Future of Convenience Store: Smart Label

Jun 17, 2022

Convenience Store is not strange or foreign to us, it is something we all use frequently. A convenience store is a neighborhood shop that is generally small and specialized in nature; it sells products typically sold at a grocery store (such as milk, bread, cold meats, snacks, and tobacco), as well as items like newspapers, cigarettes, packaged liquor, soft drinks (typically in bottles, cans or behind a counter), toiletries and confectionery.

Convenience stores now must follow the new trend as this innovation emerges in this technology-driven world. There are several advantages and disadvantages of using this kind of technology, but one thing we can ensure is that it's convenient. 

There are comparisons with existing labels and if you are curious about convenience store labels then Smart Label can give you more information regarding this subject. It features benefits over regular labels, price, returns policy, and terms of service provided by Convenience Store Labels.

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Traditional convenience store

The Future of Convenience Store: Electronic Shelf Label (ESL)

Working at the convenience store was not easy until now. The future of convenience stores is the use of smart labels like Electronic Shelf Label (ESL). Those devices are used for different uses, but the main use is to make your store smart and convenient for the customers. ESL works within network communication that is designed to drive the best customer experience through digital signage, price check, order taking, and transaction confirmation. ESL can help store in the following ways.

Convenience store price tags

For years, many stores have been doing something that you might not be aware of. They have been using paper labels on convenience store price tags to tell if the product is on sale or not. Some stores even apply another method – they write a sticky note and stick it on the price tag of the product for customers to know if the item is on sale or not. But it's time to say goodbye to all these things! ESL has been implemented on such store tags and that's how ESL Smart Labels are used.

Inventory Management

The future of convenience stores will be a smart label-driven world. ESL (electronic shelf labeling) is the technology that makes this possible. The ESL allows you to track in and out of all products, so you can manage your inventory better. It also helps you to find out what items are running low and which ones are selling well. This enables you to make more informed decisions about how much to order from the suppliers and how much inventory is needed at what time.

ESL is already being used in many industries including grocery stores, food service businesses, and warehouses. But recently it has become much more popular among convenience stores as well. The main reason for this is because it’s easy to implement and it saves money.

electronic price tags.png

Electronic price tags for convenience store

Customer Satisfaction

The convenience store industry is a very competitive market, so the owner needs to make sure that his business will stand out from others. ESL implemented in a convenience store will provide a useful experience for all the customers as they will know the price, product descriptions, and all details with that smart labelThat smart label will be able to provide information about product condition like expired date or not expired date etc., which means if someone buys something wrong because he didn't have enough knowledge about products inside of this store then this kind of smart label can help him find out right products at the right time so that he doesn't have any problem after buying.

Save Time

In today’s world, customers are becoming more demanding, and they are looking for new technology that makes their life easier. The convenience store is one of those places where people go whenever they need anything from food to shopping items or even just want some time out from their hectic schedule. That’s why a convenience store owner needs to ensure that his/her store is equipped with the latest technologies so that he/she can serve his/her customers better than anyone else in town.

The convenience store is changing with the times and adapting to what consumers want. It is not enough to just provide products to your customers anymore; you must provide an experience as well. The future of convenience stores is going to be very different from what we have now. Convenience stores will be able to save time for customers and attract them by providing them with ESL (electronic shelf labels).

vending machine.pngsmart labels.png

MinewTag's smart labels used in self-service vending machine


MinewTag flexible solution with affordable price and fast ROI, help stores that stop checkout line wait and increase their sales. MinewTag is a perfect fit to replace paper base old price tags with the latest ESL.

MinewTag is one such well-functioning IoT solution that can be applied to convenience stores right now to help them cut costs and organizes their system. The MinewTag solution integrates with systems, which means that even small businesses can benefit from efficient operations: The cost of implementation is low, the results are truly impressive, and the ROI is immense. It's no wonder why most convenience stores have opted for this solution in these early stages.