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How to Label Bin and Rack Locations in Warehouses?

Mar 22, 2022

For many people, the labels they see in inventory racks and bins inside warehouses and stores may seem like a minor or not-so-important detail. But those who are engaged in dealing with huge inventories and managing stocks and warehouses will say otherwise.


Warehouse management is one of the most important tasks for any business. It's not enough to have a large inventory; you also need to know where to put it all so your products can be found quickly and efficiently.


By following these easy steps introduced in this article, you'll be able to label your bin and rack locations so you can find what you're looking for quickly and without hassle. This will save you time and money, and keep your warehouse running smoothly!

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Label racks and bins in the warehouses

Why we should label the bins and racks in the warehouse?


It seems like a common sense thing to do, but many warehouses and retailers still don't label the bins and racks in their warehouses. By not labeling the bins and racks, they are then forced to use inefficient sorting methods that take up a lot of time and resources. So, bin time location will help you sort these items into the appropriate bins. Let’s get a dive into the benefit of labeling bin warehouse storage systems.

  • The reason for this is that the bins and racks are usually stacked in the warehouse in a certain order. When you have a good understanding of the storage of the warehouse, you can optimize the space by placing your items accordingly.

  • In the warehouse, it is very important to label the bins and rack to ensure that the right product is picked. This will prevent the wastage of materials and reduce the risk of wrong product picking.

  • Labels help you to track your products and to find the right bin to store them. With proper labels, you can track your products easily from your computer without wasting your time and energy.

  • Inventory management is a process of planning, organizing, and controlling the flow of goods. With the help of labels, you can easily track the movements of goods from the warehouse to the shipping points. In addition to this, it also helps in maintaining high-quality control in warehouse management.

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How to Label Shelves in Warehouse?


Sometimes an addition to an existing facility involves the planning and implementation of a new warehouse labeling system. Creating a labeling system is not easy, which is why you need to know the following tips on how to label shelves well.


Exactly what should be included in your shelf tagging system depends on several factors. These include the characteristics of your warehouse, the type of information that needs to be accessed in the facility, and whether or not you have a preexisting location numbering system. Let’s get a detailed guide on how you should do rack and shelf labels.


1. Use Numbers


In the warehouse, you need to know how to label shelves in a warehouse. Labeling helps you to find the items easily. There are many different ways of labeling, like using alphabets and symbols. The most common way is to use numbers and letters.


2. Use Simple Codes


To label shelves in the warehouse, simple codes are used. They are as follows:

  • Item Description: Label the shelf with a description of the item.

  • Marking Location: Mark the location of the item.

  • Product: Mark the product code or description of the item, if it is a combination of multiple items in one bin, then mark them all with one code.

  • Item Number: If there is more than one product in one bin, then use item numbers.

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Locate items

3. Specific Locations


In a warehouse environment, it is very important to make use of the right location elements. These are the things that need to be put on the shelves to make it easy for the workers to find them.


You can have a variety of different things on the shelves such as labels, marker tags, tags, tags with color-coding, and number tags. The unique location elements are very important in making your warehouse effective and efficient.


4. Product Placement


When it comes to placing products in a warehouse, it is important to place the product at the best location possible. This would help you manage your warehouse efficiently and effectively.


The use of labels in the warehouse will help you to know where to place the product and how to organize the shelf. Labels are used for product placement, inventory control, and logistics purposes.


5. Warehouse rack labeling ideas


Use our electronic shelf labels and make your warehouse electronic stockroom. Electronic shelf labels are used for labeling the shelves in a warehouse and also for identifying a product, packing details, and other important information. Electronic shelf labels are the best option to organize your warehouse and keep it organized and simple.


MinewTag used in warehouses.jpg

MinewTag's ESL solution used in warehouses

What are electronic shelf labels?


MinewTag offers a complete range of stock able to allocate a bin from anywhere and many other products that help to organize your racks. Labels or Bin Locations are available for all kinds of bins cabinets and racks and can also be customized.


MinewTag’s products improve the organization, efficiency, and accessibility of assets in warehouses, and make stock management a simple task, to reduce time loss and increase profits.


How does our Electronic Shelf Label work?


MinewTag’s Electronic Shelf Label uses the latest Bluetooth low energy 5.0 technology which makes the bin manager system efficient. MinewTag provides an online ESL cloud platform that provides full customization. With our electronic shelf labels, you can easily perform the following:

  • Adding a new item to the store

  • Change the label

  • Change the template designs

  • Upload different products

  • Change product price

You can do everything with just a few clicks.

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Rack and bin labeling


By following our guide on how to label your warehouse locations with bin and rack labels, you'll be able to make your storage area more organized and efficient. MinewTag Electronic Shelf Label is the perfect tool for labeling your warehouse, as it's durable and easy to read. Keep the benefits of rack and bin label in mind by using MinewTag Electronic Shelf Label to manage your warehouse efficiently!