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How Retailers Attract More Customers with Digital Displays

Mar 17, 2022

Did you know that 75 percent of customers learn about products through visual information? Digital signage is everywhere, and being able to use it is a fantastic advantage for retailers. Digital displays help consumers get valuable information about the product they're interested in, in an easy way. Digital signage can tell them about the product's benefits, show comparison charts, and even make sales offers. Digital displays are putting up in retail stores nowadays to attract customers and increase their brand awareness.


The digital display helps retailers promote their products and services with minimal hassle. They also allow retailers to keep track of inventory, which is essential in today's fast-paced world. This blog will discuss the benefits of using digital displays and how retailers can best use them to attract customers.


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How Retailers Attract More Customers with Digital Displays

Why Use Digital Signage Display?


Seeing is believing, and that's why digital signage display is so popular. This technology provides live content, whether it be weather, advertisement, or anything else, to any screen within reach. This eliminates the need for people to visit a physical location to view the same content. Plus, digital signage can be used in a variety of venues such as retail stores, hospitals, airports, and even classrooms.

But if you are a retailer, digital signage can help you attract more customers. There are many more reasons you should use digital signage so let's take a deep dive into it.


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Electronic price tags used in retail

  • Attract More Customers


Retailers use digital signage displays to attract customers and promote their products. These displays can be used both inside and outside the premises. Digital displays can also be used to announce and promote special offers, discounts, and promotional packages.


Digital signage is a dynamic medium that allows retailers to instantly adapt their marketing campaigns to reflect new product lines, upcoming events, or even urgent news. With digital signage, retailers can keep existing customers informed while attracting new ones with detailed information about products and services.


Digital signage display is the best way to reach customers outside the store. A well-placed outdoor digital sign will grab the attention of passersby and direct them into your store. Digital signage displays are an effective way for businesses of all sizes to boost sales by increasing awareness of new products and services and promoting special offers, events, or packages.


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How to increase brand awareness?

  • Increase Brand Awareness


In today's competitive market, it's essential to stand out from the crowd in any way you can. One of the best ways to ensure that your business is noticed is through digital signage.


Those displays play a vital role in increasing brand awareness. Suppose digital displays are placed in a proper location. This leaves a permanent impression of the brand on the customer.


  • Increase Retention Rate


When people pay attention to that attractive digital display, they tend to remember those things for an extended period because they are unique and different from others.


  • Increase Reasonably Priced


Compared to other traditional advertising methods like television ads or newspaper ads, these digital displays are far less expensive and easily affordable for everyone.

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Types of digital advertising display screens

Types of Digital Advertising Display Screens


Digital signage is a digital display designed to provide real-time information to viewers. This can include information about products and services, announcements, weather updates, etc. Digital signage is an excellent way for retailers to promote products and special offers and provide customers with essential information.


There are two types of digital signage:


1. Interactive Displays


These allow customers to interact with the screen directly. These may come in the form of touchscreens or motion sensors. For example, if you're shopping for shoes in a store, an interactive digital display could allow you to browse through different styles, colors, and sizes without leaving the display area. You might be able to see what a shoe looks like on your foot or have a virtual try-on experience by trying the shoes on in augmented reality (AR).


2. Non-interactive displays


These are used to draw customers' attention to products and promotions. They can show product images and prices and highlight special deals or upcoming events. This type of digital signage is typically seen on billboards, posters, and other displays around a store, such as on the side of a shopping cart or at the end of an aisle.


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Digital signage and retail stores

Digital Signage and Retail Businesses


How can a retail store implement proper digital displays for better customer attraction? Retail businesses can use Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) to improve customer retention. The ESL is loaded with many features that add value to retail businesses. 


Electronic Shelf Label for Retail Businesses


MinewTag offers a modern and fully loaded electronic shelf label to improve your business. Minewtag's ESL is amazingly fast and reasonably priced. Electronic Shelf Label has the following advantages.

  • Highly Customizable

Electronic shelf label (ESL) are straightforward digital displays used in most stores to provide additional details about products on the shelves. They are highly customizable and can be used for things like checking prices, highlighting deals or promotions, displaying product ratings, providing nutritional information, and even showing how much stock is left. 


  • Increased Visibility


Electronic ink features increase visibility. Digital displays provide versatile communication, but most of them are difficult to read in direct sunlight and require a power supply. On the other hand, electronic ink technology is hugely readable even in bright light or distance and requires little power so that ESLs can be updated and maintained without any hassle.


  • Integrated Content Management


Electronic shelf labels are growing in popularity among retailers and supermarkets because they provide a simple yet effective way to communicate with customers

Labels can be updated easily with a single click from a computer or device at the store, which is helpful for retailers who have extensive inventories and products going on sale frequently. When they go on sale, retailers don't have to waste time manually updating all of the labels on their shelves when they can do it electronically, saving them time and money.


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MinewTag's digital signage in retail stores



So, it's clear that digital signage and electronic shelf label has a lot of potential in retail. The popularity of digital displays in retail is ever-increasing. The benefits of implementing this technology are obvious: the screens look great, are easy to use, and can significantly improve the customer experience. 


One of the best ways retailers can use digital signage to their advantage is by leveraging electronic shelf labels.