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What Is Smart Shelving System?

Mar 16, 2022

Smart Shelving Systems are one of the most advanced & innovative solutions to get profitable results from your retail business. We will give detailed information about the smart shelving system, its advantages and disadvantages, who should use it, and how.


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Smart Shelving System

What Is A Smart Shelving System?

Every retailer wants to increase their sales and profit by improving their consumer experience. To improve the consumer experience, retailers have to improve their inventory levels. To do this, they have to use advanced tools and technologies. The smart shelving system is one of the best tools to help retailers immensely enhance their sales and profit.


The smart shelving system is a technology that allows retailers to manage their inventory levels effectively at the shelves. It includes a variety of different labels that are used on the shelf for displaying information about the product. Other than displaying the product information, these smart labels also update the consumers about any change in price or promotional offers.


The smart shelving system also increases the efficiency of employees working at retail shops. With smart labels on shelves, it becomes easy for them to keep track of each product individually and check whether any item needs to be restocked or not.


The most significant benefit of using this technology at retail shops is that it helps to reduce theft and shoplifting activities. As all products are labeled with individual tags and scanners, anyone who tries to steal anything will get caught immediately as soon as he/she tries to pass through the detector installed at exit points of stores or malls.



NFC technology

Smart shelving is a combination of digital tags, sensors, and digital screens. These devices help to display real-time data to users visiting the store or retail shop. Smart tag systems make use of NFC technology or RFID that allows users to connect their smartphones with these devices.


The smart shelf price tag is also known as Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems. These systems help retailers track their products as well as prevent the theft of the products. The smart shelf price tag includes smart shelf labels, smart shelf edge labels, electronic shelf labels, and smart shelf hangtags. All these tags display all the required information related to product prices and other details to customers.


Benefits of Smart Shelves in Retail


As a retailer, you have countless expenses to cover every month. From your inventory and insurance payments to rent and utilities, your bills can quickly add up.


Fortunately, there are many ways to make your business more cost-efficient. One of the best is to adopt smart shelving systems, which provide an easy way to track products throughout your store.


Here's how smart shelving systems can benefit retailers:


  • A Customized Experience


Smart shelves offer a truly customized experience for shoppers. These shelves are equipped with product sensors that detect what items are being taken from them. If a shopper removes an item from the shelf, it sends a signal to the register so they can check out as usual. It also sends a signal to the back of the store so that staff knows when they need to restock that item. This means shoppers will never have to worry about running out of their favorite products again.


  • Integrated Technology


Smart shelves integrate seamlessly with other retail technologies such as RFID tags and barcode scanners. When placed on shelves, these tags and scanners enable staff to keep track of their inventory in real-time. This helps them determine what products need to be restocked each day without having someone stand at the shelf for hours on end.


  • Cost-Efficient


A smart shelving system is cost-efficient as you do not need to hire a worker for every task that a bit of a device can do. This product will be extremely helpful for you if you have a shop where there are different types of items. It will help you keep track of where each item is and which one needs to be refilled. You will also save time finding which item needs to be refilled first because a smart shelving system will do it for you.


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Ratail stores deployed with electronic tags

How to Implement Smart Shelves Supermarket?


Electronic Shelf Label is an advanced type of smart shelving system, and it works seamlessly for store or warehouse management.


Electronic shelf label is a new concept in retail that has been changing the way customers shop, and the way retailers do business. This technology enables retailers to manage their prices through a central database, allowing them to change prices on the fly and increase profits using dynamic pricing.


The main function is to use the LED screen to display the text and picture information of the product, using induction technology such as Bluetooth or RFID card reader on the electronic shelf label, which can effectively improve the customer's shopping experience effect and promote sales.


Users can obtain dynamic promotions, digital coupons, shopping guides, payment methods, and other information at any time by using smartphones to scan the QR code on the electronic shelf label. The system also provides services such as customer shopping records, customer management, and offline promotion for business users through background analysis to help them monitor store operations in real-time.


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Dynamic promotions on cellphones

Smart Shelving with MinewTag


MinewTag's Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) is the advanced labels that can be used for the retail store. The ESL uses Bluetooth 5.0 and the ESL cloud platform that provides fast updates, inventory tracking, and accurate information. The Smart Shelving System supports an elegant design with a low-power LCD screen; it's also easy to set up and use.


The big advantage of this system is that the retailer can update all prices on all shelves in real-time. These labels are connected to a central server, so it will reflect immediately on each label whenever you change the price of something in the database. Minetag's ESL can be used for retail stores, supermarkets, warehouses, pharmacies, electronic stores, and more!


So, in the end, the Smart Shelving System is not only an excellent alternative to paper prices but also creates a futuristic shopping experience for customers in your store.