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Your Office Can Be Smarter: Flexible Work with ESLs 

Feb 25, 2022

Most of us spend nearly or over half of our lives at work. The design and management of office space profoundly impact employees' productivity, creativity, and engagement. Therefore, many companies are trying to create a unique office environment to motivate their employees.


To help improve work efficiency while reducing management costs, MinewTag developed a one-stop ESL smart office solution composed of Electronic tags, Gateways, ESL Cloud Platform, and CloudTag APP. Due to the diversity in office environments in different countries or regions, MinewTag also offered a customized office solution that is compatible and flexibly adapts to different customer needs. SMART APPLICATIONS LTD chose Minewtag to help them upgrade their office environment.




How ESL Smart Office Solution Creates Better Work Experience?

SMART APPLICATIONS LTD is an Israeli technology solutions company and therefore attaches great importance to the quality of the office environment, aiming to inspire creativity and passion among employees. Let's check out how MinewTag satisfy this technology company's office needs.

1. Advanced Brand Image

In the preliminary research, MinewTag chose yellow, the brand color of SMART APPLICATIONS LTD, to highlight the complete solution. To fully integrate and highlight the company's brand color, MinewTag used the MTag series products, which support Black/White/Yellow display, as billboards, digital signages of the conference room, workstation nameplates, meeting table cards, etc. 



Digital Signage for Meeting Room

2. Dynamic & Rich Display of Working Information

The MinewTag smart office solution is equipped with its self-developed cloud platform, which can be deployed privately or in the public cloud. Through the platform, employees can edit and modify the display content and layout of ESLs in seconds, including Logo, background image, background color, unit, name, position, work status, etc. And we offer many creative templates to help promote your labels' visual effects. These templates will be continuously updated so that our electronic tags can meet diverse office needs. Now we newly developed a double-sided digital label, which can display different contents in its two sides to meet advanced requirements of meeting information display.


3. Agile Office Management Facilitates Remote Collaboration

The MinewTag smart office solution can be connected with the OA system, allowing notifications and announcements to be delivered more efficiently and conveniently to all employees. Whether there are many branches or subsidiaries in different regions or even countries, the company can still be managed in a unified manner, truly realizing aligned management across the space.


Conference Room with Electronic Signage

4. Reduce Management Cost While Elevate Efficiency

On the one hand, MinewTag's ESLs eliminate the tedious material preparation of paper labels for employees so that employees can make better use of their working time; On the other hand, it adopts Bluetooth 5.0 protocol with low power consumption, and fast transmission and thus can realize a 5-year long service life (if refreshed five times a day). It fits the modern paperless office trend and the concept of green environmental protection.


To Wrap It Up

In response to the call for a paperless office, MinewTag has expanded many new E-tag applications for the office, and our customers have adopted these products. If you also want to make your office environment more intelligent and more technological, please contact us for more details!