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Magyar Telekom Selected MinewTag to Digitalize Its Stores

Dec 31, 2021

Hungary is an Eastern European country with a profound cultural and historical heritage and rapid technological development. It has a complete communications infrastructure and a liberalized communications market, in which foreign enterprises occupy a dominant position. Deutsche Telekom and its subsidiary Magyar Telekom controlled almost half of the Hungarian fixed-line telephone market.


The rapid development of the Hungarian telecom market brings more opportunities to operators as well as new challenges. To meet the diverse consumer needs of users, the market competition among major telecom operators has become increasingly fierce. As an enterprising full-service operator, Hungary Telecom has realized that with the extensive application of 5G and IoT technology in the global market, digitalization, networking, and intelligence are vital methods to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and occupy the opportunities for future market growth.


Given such awareness, Hungary Telecom selected MinewTag’s smart retail solution to realize the digital transformation of its offline stores, with which it brings an advanced user experience to customers, and enhances the brand image.



Features of MinewTag's Smart Retail Solution

1. Cost-effective and High-efficiency Digital Management

High labor costs have always been difficult to reduce for most physical stores in Europe. Hungarian Telecom has deployed MinewTag’s electronic tags to replace traditional paper tags, eliminating the cost of labor and time in labels’ design, manufacturing, and replacement.


After installing MinewTag’s products, only one employee needs to operate through the cloud platform or the mobile app to edit the display content of electronic labels. The solution uses the gateway as the signal transceiver and achieves stable data transmission by Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Electronic tags of all stores can achieve rapid refresh in seconds and real-time synchronization of information. Such efficient digital management completely frees the hands of employees and dramatically improves the efficiency of store operations.

 hungary telecom store 1.png

Hungary Telecom Store with MinewTag's smart labels

2. Intelligent Interaction Experience

As one of the robust measures to prevent the further spread of the COVID-19, contactless self-service has gradually become popular in many industries and scenarios. In the Hungarian Telecom stores, users can scan the QR code on the digital labels to get more product information such as recent offers, feature introductions, and personalized advertising pushes.

 hungary telecom price label.png

Hungary Telecom stores' price tags

3. Enhance brand image through technologies

After deploying intelligent retail solutions with IoT products such as ESLs, gateways, and cloud platform, customers have an excellent experience when visiting the store. The appearance of the telecom store is full of the style of science and technology, which shows the brand’s concept of embracing future technology and innovation.


hungary telecom store.png

Hungary Telecom Offline Store

In Conclusion

MinewTag, with its rich experience in the IoT field for more than ten years and personalized smart retail solutions, successfully helped Hungarian Telecom realize the digital transformation project. In the future, MinewTag will also help Hungary Telecom continue to upgrade and optimize store management with more advanced technologies and services.