2.1” to 11.6” All-size Electronic Shelf Labels

2.6" Ultra-thin Electronic Shelf Label

2.1” Electronic Shelf Label

2.7” Electronic Shelf Label

2.9” Electronic Shelf Label

4.2” Electronic Shelf Label

5.8” Electronic Shelf Label

7.5” Electronic Shelf Label

11.6” Electronic Shelf Label

ESL Starter Kit & Demo Kit

MinewTag Electronic Shelf Label Demo kit allows users to play it as in real retail scene while the Starter Kit can help you have a lively experience in understanding how the whole solution work. The solution applied with the latest Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 technology. Users can modify the price, product information, and template editing on ESL via gateway and cloud platform to simulate the operation in the actual application scenarios.

ESL Starter Kit

ESL Demo Kit

One-stop ESL Solution for Full Scenarios

MinewTag's ESL solution is based on Bluetooth 5.0 technology, consisting of cloud platform, gateway and ESLs. The display information is controlled and managed by ESL cloud platform through gateway. The solution help retailers realize pricing automation, store management, message push-ups, personnel positioning, product positioning, data collection, etc.


paper labels vs e labels

Paper Labels VS. E-Labels

Our Smart ESL Solution is perfectly connecting every item into one Internet system through electronic shelf labels, realizing dynamic centralized pricing. This is much more efficient, accurate, and cost-effective than making manual price adjustments.

How MinewTag's ESL System Works?

The information displayed on ESLs will be stored in the Cloud Platform which only the user can access. Users can add, modify, delete any information on the label of commodity remotely and in batches, after binding the ESL to the Cloud. The Cloud transmits the processed data to the ESL by Gateway or phone APP. Every commodity in and each branch of your stores is totally under your control.

MinewTag's ESL system

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We Are Trusted By

MinewTag is a globally leading supplier in providing professional and superior products and solutions in IoT since 2007. Working for over a decade, we have been trusted by many customers around the world, including 20+ World Fortune 500 Companies and 300+ famous brands.

Recomended Applications

MinewTag's ESLs have been successfully applied in 3C stores, pharmacies, warehouses, office, supermarkets, etc.

esl applications

Use Case

Electronic Shelf Label Supermarket

Retail Solution

Electronic Shelf Label Hospital

Healthcare Solution

Electronic Shelf Label Conference Room

Conference Room Solution

Electronic Shelf Label Warehouse

Warehouse Solution