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How Does A Bluetooth Tracker Work?

Oct 16, 2020

Have you ever been late for work because you look for small things like keys or mobile phones? If you are not so careful in character, I am afraid that you may often encounter such panic situations. And there is one thing that can help you easily solve this trouble ---- the Bluetooth tracker.

bluetooth turning on the phone.png

Bluetooth turning on the phone

What is a Bluetooth tracker?

A Bluetooth tracker is generally a tiny device that can be attached to your things, through which you can track the location of the object. This kind of Bluetooth tracker used on small objects is generally connected to your mobile device wirelessly via Bluetooth Low Energy (also known as BLE or Bluetooth 4.0). It then transmits data to your device through the connection.

How does the Bluetooth Locator work?

Each Bluetooth tracker has a unique signature, which will only be known when the user connects the Bluetooth device to the user account on the corresponding mobile application.


This way, the item tracker and the app can recognize each other. The tracker information is only known to the owner and cannot be tracked by others unless the owner shares the signature with other users to manage it together.



Bluetooth tracker

As mentioned earlier, the Bluetooth tracker uses low-power Bluetooth technology, consuming very little power during use. It can work continuously for more than 12 months without worrying about running out of power.

Each Bluetooth tracking tag has an internal power supply (battery), a chip, and an antenna.


Power Source

The power source is almost always a tiny lithium-ion battery (also known as a lithium-ion battery or LIB). These batteries come in the standard-coin shape or custom-made shape to fit the shape of respective Bluetooth key trackers. They can be charged, which saves the redundant cost of replacing them, and brings shorter charging intervals since the battery life of rechargeable batteries is usually not as long as replaceable or non-replaceable batteries.


Each tracker has a microchip inside. This chip can make the tag of the Bluetooth tracker ring, process the location information, and set up a separate Bluetooth tracker function according to your preferences.




Each Bluetooth detector has an antenna that communicates all the information on the chip via a wireless link to a mobile device registered with the detector. The antenna is fine-tuned to ensure that the item tracker has the best range of connections to your device and uses as little power as possible.


Features of Bluetooth Trackers

1. Ultra-low power consumption, long operation time

Bluetooth trackers consume very little power and can run for a very long time with just a small battery. Some models can last up to a year in ideal conditions because optimized apps on the phone handle all the data.

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2. The remote location keeps you from loss  

Unlike GPS trackers, Bluetooth trackers can stay connected even when indoors. So they're suitable for tracking small objects like keys, wallets or necklaces, but not the best solution for tracking distant moving objects like cars or people.

What can I do with a Bluetooth tracker?

  • Personal items such as keys, wallets, backpacks

  • Vehicles such as cars, bicycles, and skateboards

  • Mobile devices, such as phones, tablets, laptops, and portable gaming devices

  • Items used when traveling, such as luggage, passports, and cameras

  • Professional tools such as tool belts, and cameras, etc

  • Valuables such as art, jewelry, and collectibles

  • More