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What Powers An Electronic Shelf Label?

Mar 03, 2023

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) are battery-powered wireless technology that allows merchants to automatically update values across the store in real-time, removing days of tedious and mistake manual work.


They improve pricing speed and accuracy, maximize click and collect, and streamline replenishment. Moreover, these labels use a wireless network, like Bluetooth 5.0, to communicate with a central hub to form a dynamic pricing automation network.


Despite that, have you ever thought that while you have many shelf labels, is it easy to replace all the batteries daily?


Well, the answer is YES! The wireless connections for the electronic shelf label (ESL) industry, replacing an electronic shelf label's battery is simple and can be done by anyone.


However, after it is activated, these labels display product details on a liquid crystal or electronic paper. Moreover, the store's local network can change the visual material.


So, how exactly are ESLs used?


Well, these digital labels are typically found on the front borders of shelves. They are usually linked to the store's remote computer and perform the following functions:


1. Show Product Details


Electronic shelf labels are primarily used to display the price of a product. However, these labels also show supply levels, product specs, expiry dates, and more information. These specifics assist shoppers in deciding which object to purchase, thus also improving the customer experience.



2. To Promote with a Targeted Audience


These digital price tags can also assist merchants in implementing and enhancing their marketing efforts. Thus, retailers can interact with customers by displaying information based on their search records, prior transactions, and social media activity. As a result, this assists a shop in increasing its income opportunities.


3. Inventory Management


ESLs are used to simplify business operations and enhance the shopping experience. Moreover, inventory information is digitalized with electronic rack markings. This enables employees to determine which products require replenishment.


However, these digital price tags can be linked to an online store's inventory information to handle purchases simply and effectively.



4. Reduce Production Costs


You no longer need to create new paper cards when new updates arrive. This eliminates the need to purchase paper, toner, and a copier. Moreover, it also saves time for your employees because they don't have to remove and replace every paper sticker.


The Market's Finest Automated Shelf Label Device


There's a lot to discover with MINEWTAG's computerized shelf markings. The system drives these ESLs, enabling retailers to improve the purchasing experience and streamline store operations.


Moreover, MinewTag ESLs include cutting-edge elements such as:


● 7 different Light hues

● Design flexibility

● 8-10 times quicker refresh rate

● There are two customizable keys.

● Information can be displayed on up to 7 columns.

● NFC functionality IP67

● Battery life of ten years




Now, you have got to know the power of ESL Labels.  This battery-powered wireless technology can last many years, depending on individual utilization. Moreover, it will appear the same on the monitor even after the power is turned off.  


With MinewTag, you can explore variety of sizes, optional hues, and mounting choices that provide different technologies for different requirements for your shop. So, get in touch with us & get the quality solutions.