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Top Manufacturers of Electronic Shelf Labels | 2022

Jun 30, 2022

When shopping in stores and you find a product you like, you probably are looking for a price tag. If they don't have one attached, then you may ask a store clerk to find out the price to decide if it's something you want. Sometimes, it's hard to see the price tag on the shelf and even harder to read the numbers printed on the tags. That's why electronic shelf label manufacturers are coming up with better ways to label their product tags by using electronic tags that are easily readable.

Electronic shelf labels are a boon for retailers, enabling them to display information about a product that can be changed based on the season or the time of day. They're also useful for ensuring customers know which aisle to find a particular item in, making it easier for them to find what they're looking for when shopping. Electronic shelf labels are used in a variety of retail environments. They provide several benefits to both consumers and retailers, including:

    • Faster Checkouts: Electronic labels allow customers to scan items as they shop, speeding up the checkout process.

    • Better Inventory Management: Electronic labels can be configured to display stock levels on individual items or entire shelves, helping retailers manage inventory more effectively.

    • Reduced Theft: Electronic labels reduce theft by preventing customers from removing items without paying for them.


The global electronic shelf label market is projected to reach USD 6.4 billion by 2024 from USD 4.3 billion in 2019, at a CAGR of 5%. The market growth is driven by factors such as increasing e-commerce and retail sales, technological advancements in the industry, and an increase in demand for personalized products from customers. However, high investment costs associated with the installation of electronic shelf labels may hinder the market growth during the forecast period. The major players in this electronic shelf label supplier market include:

    • Pricer

    • SES Imagotag

    • MinewTag

    • Altierre

    • Displaydata

    • Teraoka Seiko

    • eslmfg

price tags.jpg

Traditional price tag


Pricer is committed to providing the highest quality ESL solutions. their team of experts has decades of experience in every step of the process from labeling system development and management, to maintaining warehouse efficiency through barcode scanning solutions. Pricer provides cloud-based SaaS solutions for retail businesses across different industries, including grocery, fashion, home improvement, automotive, medical supplies, and beauty & personal care. Pricer helps retailers manage their inventory accurately and efficiently by providing real-time information about supply chain management and merchandising on all digital screens throughout the store.

SES Imagotag

SES Imagotag is one of the largest manufacturers of electronic shelf labels in Europe. The company was founded in 1986 and has grown to become one of the biggest players in this field. It offers an extensive range of electronic shelf labels that can be used in multiple areas including retailing, pharmaceuticals, industrial goods, and food production. SES Imagotag also provides software that can be used with its electronic shelf labels to ensure they provide accurate information at all times.

electronic price tags.png

MinewTag's electronic shelf labels


MinewTag Company provides the most genuine and best quality service, to become the top supplier of Electronic Shelf Labels in China. To meet this target, our company develops, promotes, and improves its products. We also cooperate with some of the world's leading companies on new product development, with a focus on high innovation, high performance, high service, and high quality.

MinewTag is your professional online supplier for Electronic Shelf Labels. Our mission is to provide you with the best electronic shelf labels, and E-inks signages at a competitive price, as well as dedicated customer service.


In the global shelf tag supply, Displaydata is leading the market with a share of more than 25%. The company has been active in this market since 2008 and is one of the leading players in this market. It offers products such as digital shelf labels, digital price labels, and digital shelf label systems. The company provides its customers with turnkey solutions through its design and manufacturing capabilities or partnerships with world-class technology partners.

Teraoka Seiko

Teraoka Seiko is a provider of weighing labeling equipment. It offers products such as E-label printers and E-label printer controllers. The company also provides services such as operation consultation and support, maintenance work, and spare parts supply.

paper shelf labels.jpg

Paper price labels


Altierre is a company that develops ultra-low-power wireless technology, primarily to connect various remote objects in buildings such as manufacturing facilities. Through their patented technology, the company has aimed to build a smart and intelligent building that makes use of sensors to optimize energy, water, and other resources. Through the use of ultra-low-power wireless technology, Altiere solutions can sense and monitor any remote object in a building. their vision is to provide systems that make life safer, easier, and more productive for people everywhere.


The global electronic shelf label manufacturers market is growing at a steady pace. The demand for electronic shelf labels has been rising in several emerging markets. Electronic shelf label printers with better printing quality, durability, and security are in demand.